Australian Music Business Management System.

Australian Music Business Management System.

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Independent Artists and Band Managers!

Wouldn’t you like to have a successful artist manager drive your music career? Hard to secure, aren’t they? Imagine if an experienced artist manager offered you all the tools, and the knowledge, and the contacts you required to succefully drive your own music career? Would that help you? Because that is exactly what’s on offer here. So why waste years unnecessarily, when this manual can give you everything you need today?

A revolutionary new subscription based, online platform, Australian Music Business Manual is an artist management, marketing and music release system that brings all the different sections of music business together in one place. Easy to understand, easy to implement, yet comprehensively detailed and to the point, now anyone can take advantage of the experience, knowledge and the tools of an industry professional and give your music career the best chance of success at an affordable price.

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Musicians and Managers 

Can Save Up To $6000 In The First Year !

Let me show you some of the savings we create for you in Australian music Business Manual.

The savings we list below are not the real value of this package. The real value is in the knowledge and understanding of the business that we supply. This alone is worth well more than the $450 price tag.

The savings listed below, we supply to our subscribers as they are what a great artist manager would pass down and save your career if you were signed to them. And so to make sure I deliver to you a complete management system, I deliver the same, to make sure subscribers gain full value for their investment. This is what makes this product the only complete self help Australian Music Business Management system available in this country.

I am only going to touch the edges on the savings we create for you because there simply to many way we create ways to save you money and create income.

The value of the forms supplied and listed in the contents are yours for life whether you resubscribe for the second year or not.

  • Trademark categories and sub categories research would take you around 5 hours minimum to sort out by yourself but you would probably need a lawyer or IP expert. We teach you how to DIY and Save $900 + 5 hours of time.
  • Business Phone Skills – 6 months training saved. Get the gigs, make the deals.
  • Band Member agreement ready to go except for your own minor adjustments. Save $600 minimum
  • Electronic Business Signature – Near Zero printing . Save $200 minimum in ink jets a year
  • One page booking agreement Save $25
  • Full Booking Agreement Save $700
  • Professional Modulated Stage Plan and Back line Save $100
  • Record Producer Agreement Save $500
  • Broadcast release form Save $50
  • Merchandise Consignment Agreement Save $50
  • Tour Budget Form Save $20
  • Tour Booklet Save $150
  • Music Media database – Save $250 minimum
  • 1 x hour consultancy – Save $75
  • The other forms are time savers and knowledge so we wont count them in our quest to show financial value for these purposes.

Whether you need them now or next year we will save you $3620 just within the forms + time. What could you do with that extra cash?

Then there are leads we supply to great businesses that supply products and services required by a professional self managed artist to function at high level.

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Accounting software such as Quick Books and MYOB can cost anything between $300 and $1000′s. So we supply you with a basic invoice to get you out of trouble. And we also introduce you to an accounting software to get your books started professionally and on the right foot with easy to use invoicing systems for around $60 a year until you can afford a more extensive software. SAVE $240 MINIMUM in your first year

Public Liability. I know most of you say I don’t need that, the venue should do it. But the fact is the venue and you need to have public liability. If you want to perform at a Festival anywhere in Australia, You will have to gain public liability full stop. In Queensland you will not find many venues at all that will allow you to play without it and you will definitely have to have it if you want to gain a professional booking agent. So you can dodge it for a while but if you want to move forward an give yourself best chance to gain festival slots, quality venues and booking agents to represent you, then Public Liability is a must!

So Public Liability can be very expensive. We send you to a company that changes that. I have saved many artists I work with an average saving of around $1500 a year every year, by moving them to the company we send you to,  from now on. And this covers the whole band. And it will include some of your instruments to boot. As Homer Simpson would say WooooHooooa. So for around $300 a year you and your band are covered.

Office equipment, tour vehicles, computers and electronics, power boards and so much more, all top quality at amazing prices. The savings here are unlimited across a broad range of gear from where we take you. This isn’t dodgy groupon stuff, This is the real deal. My office desk and bookshelf for example(smoked glass and steal) cost $39 delivered. The same at Office works was $350. So just that one item resulted in a saving of over $300. But this will amalgamate to thousands of dollars across an multitude of things that you will need to shop for over the years, as you grow.

Software. We take you to a place that makes it all affordable. I paid $175 for full legal version of Photo-shop CS6 valued at $667 and windows 7 full version for around $95 instead of $165. There’s a cool little trick to it but it is all above board. So there alone is another saving of over $500. And there are tonnes of software to choose from.

So in this section there is a minimum potential saving of $2540 + time

The list goes on because there are video marketing tools and Facebook and Twitter driver that work who are offering Australian Music Business manual subscribers double value and all sorts of great bargains from other companies. Not to mention the expert touring logistics we teach you which will save your tours thousands of dollars in mistakes and other savings. Value here worth is tens of thousands over a life-time.

But wait, that’s not all! There’s more!

Good Music Business courses start at $4500 for 6 months and range to $12000 per year for a minimum 3 years. Australian Music Business Manual is $450+ GST for one year and $848 for 3 years. I can guarantee you I cover every facet of the industry. Courses cover certain topics. So if you are thinking of doing these courses there is at least $4000 saving in the first year without opening the pages.

Imagine what you could achieve investing in and growing your own business over three years using Australian Music Business Manual, instead of spending up-to $36000 over 3 years sitting in school and then having to spend the next 3 years developing your business in the real world.

It’s your call.
“I thought I had a handle on the music industry and my management skills. Until I subscribed and I read through your manual the first time. I felt like I was back at the drawing board. How do you know all this?” Dale Shrober – Relentless Management – Managing and performing in The Deep End.Dale has since established his management business and set up a national tour and CD launch for The Deep End. And he is growing his business contacts.

by Darrel Baird

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