“ABLAZE” – A Rock Band That’s More Than Just A Wall Of Noise!

“ABLAZE” – A Rock Band That’s More Than Just A Wall Of Noise!
by Tom McLeod.
 Ablaze are an Unsigned Australian ‘Rock’ Band based in Melbourne. On The 13th of December last year (2014), they released their single “THE HARD WAY”. Currently they are playing around Melbourne Promoting it.
Click Here To Visit "Ablaze" on Facebook!

Click Here To Visit “Ablaze” on Facebook!

 My Thoughts On “Ablaze”???

by Tom Mceod

If I where to categorise them it would be a hard job to do. It would be easy just to call them a Rock Band. However, I can see many influences I within their sound. Influences perhaps from the greater musical era’s. From times when Musician’s where Musician’s, not Producers. Perhaps, even stemming back to 80’s Rock, Blues/ Rock, Even Country/Rock.

If you listen closely you might hear it too! The melodic and structured progression of the song, the strong Guitar Riff’s, solid backbeat of the Bass line and Drums, and the solid Rock sound that isn’t just a wall of noise!  

It’s also very welcoming to hear a Vocalist that has feeling for the song he’s singing, and a voice with structure. Danny Slaviero’s voice is very welcoming! All these things are rare in today’s Rock Music Scene.

You can Currently buy their New Single “The Hard Way” on iTunes. But why not go to a gig of theirs and get it straight from the source, whilst enjoying the vibe that is Ablaze!

They Are More Than A Wall Of Noise, They Are Musician’s!!!

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Support Ablaze!!!
New Ablaze Line up

Band Members

Danny Slaviero – Lead vocals / Ben Anderson – Lead guitar / Matt Dynon – Rhythm guitar / Wez Magpantay – Bass / Dan Mangano – Drums

Like all great things in the world, Ablaze started out as an idea over beers at the local pub. Hailing from a range of musical backgrounds and influences.

Ablaze is all about rocking out, partying hard and not taking life too seriously.  ‘Ablaze’ combine Hard Rock Riffs you can bang your head too, with Loin exciting full-tilt drum beats and bass grooves.

Ablaze sets out to deliver a performance that demands audience interaction! They pound out their brand of Rock with a Strong Bass, Drum, Rhythm Guitar, and Vocally Melodic that’s infectious. 

Buy "The Hard Way" From iTunes Now!!!!

Buy “The Hard Way” From iTunes Now!!!!

‘Ablaze is as solid as, and puts on an entertaining performance every time. These guys are going places and enjoying it.’ – Photography by Antony Pinder

’Infectious…..A force to be reckoned with!’ – National Campus Band Comp

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