Leanne Tennant – Will 2015 Be Her Year? (Let’s Hope So!)

 Leanne Tennant – Will 2015 Be Her Year? (Let’s Hope So!) 

by Tom McLeod 31/12/2014

Click On The Picture To Go To Leane's Web Site Now!

Click On The Picture To Go To Leanne’s Web Site Now!

Leanne is well on her way to become Australia’s top female Independent Artist
in 2015.
The sublime lyrical messages in her songs are almost as infectious as the rythms and her smooth voice. The apparent ease she delivers each song in a performance instantly captures her audience.

Leanne certainly delivers too, and loves her audiences. (It’s also obvious that the love is reciprocated!) Once on the stage, it’s all about having a good time with her friends. (Audience included) This just makes her performances all that more special. Leanne leaves no one behind, she takes the audience with her on every journey.

Leanne’s new CD “Pull Up Your Britches” is highly recommended! When I first met Leanne, (about 4 years ago) she was doing a Mini Tour of Brisbane, which led into some gig’s at “Soundwaves.” She had just released her “Are you there?” EP. To this day it gets high rotation in my playlist. Much deservedly so too, it’s a beautiful piece of work! “Pull Up Your Britches” Is Better!!! Hard to believe I know, but true. Such is her talent.

Currently Leanne has a sale in her online store for “Are You There?”
Normally it’s $15, however she is doing a clearance sale of, a Physical copy and a download for $10!

I’d advise anyone to buy both, “Are You There” and “Pull Up Your Britches” to get her entire recording back catalogue.

You won’t be disappointed, for $30 all up it’s a Bargain!

Leanne Tennant Store; http://www.leannetennant.com/store

Tom McLeod

Click On The Picture To Download Leanne's New CD - "Pull Up Your Britches" Now!

Click On The Picture To Download Leanne’s New CD – “Pull Up Your Britches” Now!

‘Bearing The Crown’ is Leanne’s First single From her new CD “Pull Up Your Britches”

Media, Musician’s and Fans Alike Are Loving It!!!


One of the best aspects of presenting a radio program is the opportunity it gives me to put music lovers and musicians together and there’s nothing quite so rewarding as the moment the phone rings at the station and someone says, “I loved that song.”  I’ve had that experience many times when I’ve played the music of FNQ singer-songwriter Leanne Tennant.  She’s one of those performers so at home in front of an audience that neither wants the show to end. – Richard Dinnen, ABC Far North Radio.


” Bearing the Crown is a sweet slice of galloping folk music” – Dom Alessio, Home & Hosed

“Really nice melodies” – KLP, House Party

Leanne Tennant is a serious Australian talent.  Her lyrics express exactly what she feels and she sings with a unique voice that immediately grabs your attention.  I’m a true believer. – Bill Chambers, The Hillbillykillers

Leanne’s 2nd single Is out soon!!! Here’s a Teaser!
‘Black Snake Calls’ (Trailer.)

Please meet Leanne Tennant

Just a few years into her creative career already blessed with highlights, Leanne is an artist who manages to mix vulnerability with an unusual strength.  This is the feeling that runs through her album, Pull Up Your Britches, which blends a colourful tapestry of delicate moments met with a fiery backhand.

Recorded and mixed with Mark Myers at Big Sister Studios in Cairns, the album consists of a fine line up of musicians including, Bill Chambers – The Hillbillykillers, Jordan Ireland – The Middle East, Jack Venables – Osaka Punch and Simon McMenamin – The McMenamins.  She has already had success with tracks Bearing The Crown and Black Snake Calls being played on Triple J.

Written as individual pieces and recorded with two separate line ups, the album has a distinct feel of genre bending.

Leanne has been writing songs and in love with music for as long as she can remember.  She began playing the guitar in her teens and started performing publicly by busking in the subways of Brisbane before commencing gig life as soon as she left high school.  She has played many festivals including Bigsound, Cairns Festival and Tamworth Country Music Festival and continues to be re-booked for events.

Leanne is very excited to release her debut album, Pull Up Your Britches.  It’s a collection of songs which represents an artist who has grown and is not afraid to take risks.  Pull Up Your Britches, also the first line in Horror-Country track, Boom Boom, represents a time to pick yourself up, move on and make change.  This album has a clear indication of Leanne expanding on her current style yet growing into a whole new direction.

Leanne is currently putting together the finishing touches of her first music video to accompany Bearing The Crown.  The clip is funded by Arts Council Queensland and Cairns Regional Council through a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).  (The Regional Arts Development Fund is Queensland Government initiative through Arts Queensland and Cairns Regional Council partnership to support local arts and culture.)

You can order the album through the STORE and please join the MAILING LIST to get the latest news and a free download.   You can also check out the single Bearing The Crown and Black Snake Calls on her Triple J Unearthed site:-  https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/leanne-tennant



Leanne Tennant’s voice has a distinct indie, blues & roots tone with lyrics that make you think,
“this girl 
has got it going on”.   – Anna Chisholm 


From the opening notes of Leanne Tennant’s breakthrough debut album Pull Up Your Britches, it’s immediately clear the Cairns singer-songwriter is onto a winner. Whether it’s jangly old-time jazz (Mrs Brown) sophisticated folk-pop (the lead single Bearing The Crown), bush ballands (7 Drunken Nights) or even a good ol’ murder ballad (Boom, Boom!), Pull Up Your Britches covers a lot of sonic ground (and crosses several eras) without so much as breaking a sweat. Throw some stellar guest appearances by (Bill Chambers, Jordan Ireland, etc) and production from Mark Myers (The Middle East), it’s definitely no surprise why Triple J is all over this. – Jesse Kuch


“We called into the ʻ12 barʼ during the Cairns blues festival. It was an incredible scene with a rocking band fronted by a sassy rockabilly gal called Leanne Tennant. She had the crowd eating out of her hand, and within minutes so were we!” – Jimi Hocking (the Screaming Jets & Jimi Hocking aka Jimi the Human)


(Some highlights)

  • Reaching my Pozible target to fund Pull Up Your Britches – 2014
  • Pull Up Your Britches launch @ Tanks Arts Centre – 2014
  • Accepted to perform on Balcony TV – 2014
  • Offered a spot on Sofar Sounds Sydney – 2014
  • Airlie Beach Music Festival – 2013
  • Cairns Blues Festival with Hatz & Cara – 2013
  • “Up Late” with You Am I @ Tanks Arts Centre – 2013
  • The QMusic Round & Round, Up & Down tour – 2013
  • Mission Evolve Festival – 2013 / 2011
  • Cairns Festival – 2012 / 2013 / 2014
  • BIGSOUND @ The Alhambra with Bill Chambers – 2012
  • Feature entry for QMusic Awards 2012 & 2013
  • Support Colin Hay “Men At Work” – 2012
  • The Lady Love Tour – 2012
  • Tamworth Music Festival – 2012

So Let’s Help Make This Leanne’s Year. I can highly recommend her to you.

Buy her CD and Help Keep Australian Music alive!

Plus, catch her live as well, that’s a big MUST SEE!!!

She’s great company for any audience.



Click On The Picture To Visit AMES On Facebook.

Click On The Picture To Visit AMES On Facebook.

(Please note, portion’s of this article come directly from Leanne’s Web page.)

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