Blues Association Of South East Queensland (BASEQ), Continue Vilification and Hate Campaign’s Against Musician’s And Promoters!

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Blues Association Of South East Queensland (BASEQ), Continue Vilification and Hate Campaign’s Against Musician’s And Promoters!

President; Cath Butler/ Vice-President; Desley Done/ Secretary; Tracey Hammel/ Assistant Secretary; Steve Done/ Treasurer; Denise Causevic/ General Committee – Membership; Barry Beattie/ Assistant Membership; Ros Johnson/ Paulette Steele/ Mick Diggles/ Grant Watson/ Karen Watson/ Shaun Ballagh/ Sean Metcalfe

Honestly, I am getting sick and tired of having to make post’s not only defending myself but, Musician’s when it comes to BASEQ.

Two day’s ago The Royal Mail Hotel, in Goodna, well their facebook page was closed down.  So guess who they blamed? Yep, me!

The reply below was all I ever hoped to make on the subject, which I made on facebook.

by Tom McLeod.

(Only Written In Reply To Unfounded Accusations. The only reply ever to be made on this subject)

The Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna Page has been closed down due to a breach of facebook protcol. For years Cath Butler has been running the Royal Mail page as a personal profile when it was supposedly set up to service a Business.

I am not responsible in any way for the closure of this page. Cath, it’s time to step up and own your disreputable actions. It is very sad that your actions have caused the loss of many Photo’s and much history about a Hotel that has long supported the Blues.

Cath Butler has been quoted as saying she is devasted! She and her friends? on her page have alluded to the possibility that I might have had something to do with it. She has also made a call out to all her friends to start bringing this fact to the attention of Music Groups.

Well Cath, it’s time to own the results of your own disreputable actions. There is no way I could have been responsible for this action as I have been blocked from the Royal Mail Page for years. When you are blocked, you can’t complain about a page you never see.

Facebook is currently cleaning up any pages they find to be dodgy. They have recognised the Royal Mail is in actual fact a Personal Profile (Cath’s) and has no Administrator and is representative of a Business.

The reason facebook is trying to force Businesses into their Business Page format is because as a personal profile it allows you to spy and gather personal information on those that friend your page.

Cath, is also quoted as saying that as a Business page you cannot invite people from your list to events, this is untrue. Having a business page gives you many more advantages over a Personal Profile.

Sadly Cath the loss of all these photo’s and memories is your’s alone, due to the fact that you were operating in breach of facebook protocol and it was bound to happen.

Now I thought THAT would be the end of THAT! Afterall, I was just forced to reply after being vilified. I really had no intention of taking it further, despite being publicly defamed on a Social Network on a page that I was blocked from.

If not for (quite) a few professionally minded Musician’s and Entertainers telling me, and sending me the photo snippets, I would never have known. They were disgusted, some saying, “This sort of thing is not healthy for the Music and Entertainment Industry.”

The Very Next Day The President Of BASEQ Posted An Apology.

An Apology To The Patron’s Of The Royal Mail.

It Never Occurred To her She Might Owe Me One!

Cath Apology1

The Following Was My Reply.

by Tom McLeod

Cath Butler has finally owned the breach of Facebook Policy as her own and apologised to the patron’s of Royal Mail Hotel in Goodna. In doing so Cath open’s her long winded apology and excuses with the following statement;

“My sincere apologies to all the folk out there who were ‘friends’ with the Royal Mail facebook page and enjoyed the interaction that it brought.It is my fault that the page was not set up as a ‘business’ page according the the facebook police ‘rules.’ “

Which beg’s to question, why would she entertain a publicly visible thread spreading vilification of me, suggesting I was some how responsible.

At the time she was well aware of the reason why the page had been pulled. She was already talking to facebook about the issue at the by her own admission? In her own words;

“Yesterday when I attempted to log into the Mail’s page to update it I was meet with a message from facebook stating that I must change the name of the page to a ‘real’ person before I would be allowed to log in. After several attempts to manipulate the name of the page so it would somehow still say ‘Royal Mail’ I was unsuccessful and eventually locked out. Facebook required identity forms of various i.d. to be sent to them in order to verify that the Mail was a ‘real’ person and of course I couldn’t do that.”

I would not have responded in any way if she had not allowed a process of public vilification to occur on a publicly visible thread. Cath already had all the facts as to why the page was pulled.

But then, this is the way that Cath Butler covertly operates. Not only in this role as Event Manager of The Royal Mail Hotel in Goodna, but her conflicting role as the Blues Association of South East Queensland, President. (BASEQ) Which has had a history of vilifying and ignoring the efforts of the Musician’s they don’t favour. This behaviour is in direct conflict with the BASEQ Mission Statement to Support Blues Music throughout South East Queensland.

Again I state that I would not have RESPONDED at all, if this Public vilification, on a public thread had not taken place.

I find it tiresome that I have had to address this type of behaviour. This conduct is unprofessional and petty. It also does the Music Industry great harm.


The Way The President Of BASEQ (and The Events Manager of The Royal Mail Hotel) entertaining and encouraging public vilification and blaming me for the closure of the Royal Mail Page. When It was her fault all along.

The Way The President Of BASEQ (and The Events Manager of The Royal Mail Hotel) entertaining and encouraging public vilification and blaming me for the closure of the Royal Mail Page. When It was her fault all along.

Royalmailpagelosscath8Royalmailpagelosscath9Royalmailpagelosscath10Royalmailpagelosscath11Cath Butler Apology2a

After all this, the next day I was prepared to let it slide. It wasn’t really hurting me any. And it was making them just look vindictive and petty. (which isn’t far from the truth)

Afterall, BASEQ only has about 100 members and the Royal Mail is just a small pub in Goodna that has strong local support and get’s support from Tourist Traffic coming out of the Festivals around the area 6 months of the year. Hardly anyone is really aware of it.

I never go to their pages in any case. The President of BASEQ who run’s both pages is vindictive and destructive to the Industry.

So I, (as most Industry professional’s do) steer clear of it. True the Royal Mail does support the Blues, but it is selective dependent upon the President of BASEQ, and BASEQ have their favoured few!

In the past, (as a journalist) I have outed the President of BASEQ and her ‘Collective’ of friend’s for misdeed’s within the Industry. I guess she hold’s a grudge.

I must point out though, this is not an isolated incident to me alone. This is BASEQ’s (the committee) M.O.

For instance, the now BASEQ Committee is renowned for creating disharmony in the very same way that they have done to me, within their own Club. And they have been doing it for a long time. Since they have completely taken over, membership has dropped by two thirds.

One of their original victims was a past President who wrote to the membership and presented this letter for the Association to Archive in Canberra.

Coral Saunders letter to membership upon resigning BASEQ 10-3-2009

Dear Member,

By now I’m sure that you know that I have resigned from the President’s position and the Committee.   The March edition of the Groove has an explanation for my resignation which  was written by the Secretary.  Unfortunately this explanation is untrue.

 For this reason I felt that I needed  to  write this letter to clear my name as the Secretary has painted me as a selfish person who doesn’t give a toss about the Association or its members.  This  is also untrue. 

 While it is true that I am pursuing  new  ventures I have been doing this for a while  it was not the reason for my resignation and BASEQ was still going to be a major part of my life.  Please read the information below as it  the truth and the real reason why I resigned from the job I was hoping to enjoy.

 Reasons for my resignation

Basically Brisbane BASEQ seems not open to outsiders.  Brisbane is driven by a political and factional scene that has made it impossible for me to perform my role as President.   A President’s role basically is to set the agenda for the meetings in accordance with proper procedure.

There would seem little point being President when I chair meetings and decisions are made, votes are taken, and then Old Guard committee members organise exactly what suits them.  Decisions  made at meetings in relation to serious issues such as liability insurance requirements, etc.  have been discussed, minuted, and then ignored. 

 There are also powerful non committee forces at work here as well that made my role as President less than that of figure Head.  To understand my decision, you need a little history. 

 Former committee members who resigned at last year’s AGM have more determination of the direction of the club than President.  A closed little fraternity of Old School committee members have reduced BASEQ to an organisation where abuse and threats and the unravelling of peoples’ lives are the accepted norm.

 The rot was obvious before I commenced my presidency.  The associationbefore I arrived on scene, was essentially run on the whim of just a couple of individuals with Individual committee members determining much about who was to play at gigs and who was to be excluded.  The creation of a properly democratic and effective committee process had failed.  Rather a culture within the committee developed that just ignored and even supported such non-committee-driven running of BASEQ. 

The bands that would play, and other decisions made at meetings  were essentially subject to the decisions made by one, and not many.  This effectively meant that having a meeting to discuss and organise bands was a waste of time.  When on two occasions I attempted to question such a band booking dictatorship, I was met with verbal abuse.

 The first instance of this abuse occurred in my home where I was sworn at by a then-committee member  while he was aggressively banging his fist on the table.  Another committee member had to calm this committee member down so the meeting could resume in a normal and  unabusive fashion.

A couple of weeks later such abuse occurred again but this time at the Dog and Parrot Hotel.  This occasion had the same committee member threatening to “knock me down” (which is far worse than anything the Vice President did for which he was victimised).   I was then disgusted with  committee members’ failure to deal with such horrible abuse in a sensible fashion.   It was even suggested by one committee member that it was Ok as the committee member concerned had been on the Committee for a couple of years and such history of service should mean we should overlook such behaviour.  I feel that abuse is abuse, and that the friendships and personal loyalties to Old Guard committee member overshadowed addressing such bad behaviour.

The behaviour of other ex-committee members has also been extraordinarily difficult and undermining in nature.  Even though they had resigned,  this person sought to dictate the activities of the association.  Their support for all things from the Old Guard is a great disappointment.  Their continuing nasty behaviour and the running of the association behind the scenes despite his resignation and the personal vilification of  my now-resigned Vice President Graham.  In fact the behaviour of the current committee toward Graham can only be described as a witch hunt and has been devoid of all fairness  and reasonableness.  This process started long before Graham became Vice President,  and was evident in attitude even before Graham entered the committee.

The same ex- committee  member  made unreasonable requests that were at worst completely  unlawful.   It was actually suggested that we should be handing over the minutes to the editor of The Groove so that the editor could publish what she saw relevant in our publication.  To have co- operated with this request would have placed the club outside of the law, and certainly been a breach of the Incorporated Bodies Act. 

It was also suggested by the Old Guard committee members that we should be obtaining a liquor licence for a fund raiser and then hand it on to a third party for them to control.  This also was a discussion that myself and ex Vice President Graham suggested was a liability nightmare and certainly outside the constitutional mandate of the club.  These requests were all entertained as reasonable and the fact that such things would have placed us outside the law was lost on the Old Guard.   The prevailing attitude is that we can do what we want.  It was then that my Vice president who was concerned with such ill-informed behaviour made suggestions that the club should acquire a copy of Incorporated Associations Manual from the Caxton legal centre.

Until this suggestion my Vice-President  had been hounded down at meetings at any mention of issues legal.  One current committee member who had been asked by Graham at my request to investigate our legal liabilities and possible insurance requirements effectively did no investigation and then reported ill-informed to the committee that as we are an incorporated body we are all protected.   Graham’s own research and my subsequent request for advice from Andrew Baxter who is a practising solicitor and member of club has clearly demonstrated that this illusion is foolish.

There are many ways for our association to come unstuck legally.  That is truly frightening when dealing with people who now,  after Graham has acquired a copy of the legal manual have not even asked or enquired after a copy.  Theory seems to be what we don’t know won’t hurt us.

A decision made by the committee based on this research was made that involved following the advice of  Andrew  Baxter  in what insurances we would have to acquire for BASEQ to be protected.  This minuted plan of action, like all other serious minuted plans of action, has been ignored and, to date, not followed through.   However,  one  committee member who works for an insurance agent did take it upon himself, without seeking the legal advice that was decided upon at meeting, to get quotes.

The fact that no legal expertise was applied to the obtaining of these quotes was not of importance to the committee,   except  for Graham who raised the issue and suggested that committee decisions made were not being followed.   The bottom line here is that this committee are so self interested that any suggestions from me as President or Graham as Vice President just became a source of conflict.

The   mandate   of  BASEQ  is to support the Blues.  However, the committee itself seems happier to throw multiple bookings at bands that belong to committee members.

The   ex-committee   member   has   publically   sought to gossip and run down my Vice President’s musical  efforts  which has resulted in both verbal and written complaints from members who have overheard such discussions.  This has also led to the breakup of Graham’s band.  Truly   despicable    behaviour.

 This behaviour from Old Guard current and past committee members is what effectively determines the direction of this Association.  Truly a disgusting   process.  One member of the current committee, after Graham resigned as Vice President due to upheaval in the Brisbane end of his band that could only be seen as individuals towing the gossip line, lied about the receiving of personal emails from Graham and then made what can only read as a personal threat towards Graham in writing, in  regard to dealing with the alleged emails.  When questioned and asked to produce the alleged emails, they could not produce more than a copy of an email that was sent to myself and the rest of committee claiming that it had been sent only to them and represented a personal affront.

  Despite being made aware that other committee members had the same correspondence, he then refused to correct the lie.  The current committee then suggested that I should support this committee member in his endeavours.  Effectively I had been asked to tow the line and allow the defaming allegations to go to bed in the official paper trail.  Such behaviour had become intolerable.  After my Vice President resigned,  the  current committee continued in their endeavours to vilify him.  Such efforts even have involved the rewriting of the minutes from earlier meetings in an attempt to paint Graham as aggressive and destructive to the association after his resignation.

The rewriting of the minutes refers to an incident in which Graham found it difficult to cope with the process from one  committee member to demean and trivialise his efforts as a musician.   This process was very  abusive  as it included people demanding to know how much Graham earns from band jobs and how much he earns from day jobs.  This was occurring as Graham had objected to being labelled an amateur band and suggested that it was not the role of the committee to be applying such labels.

The members involved then set out to support their labelling of Graham in a very rude and personal attack the details of which you will not find in the subsequent re written minutes.   Indeed the rewriting of minutes about this event has completely ignored the abusive behaviour toward The Vice President by the current committee that had him speaking up on the issue, and has been used only as a tool to further damage his reputation.

Last year’s Committee was plagued with self interested musicians who saw their role as an excuse to  overbook any band that they were attached to.  This process was the subject of much complaint by one particular committee member.  So I am now astounded that the same things are happening now from those that once complained.  I  argued  hard for a rotating band list, I have suggested we should work through the list of club-affiliated bands as far as host bands for jams etc are concerned.  I have been unable to make this happen as some committee members have  been booked twice already this year.  So BASEQ is not accessible for all.  The personal attitudes of certain committee members heavily dictates which bands are included and which bands are ignored and in the case of my ex-Vice President,  which  bands are vilified.

Basically we have a small group of selfish and self  interested  individuals  doing exactly what they please.  There is no functioning committee.  Decisions made at committee meetings are ignored and decisions by individuals put in to place.  Indeed illegal things are in place and accepted practice.

One example is the fact that a now- resigned committee member was still in control of the membership several months after their resignation.

If this committee had even bothered to read the handbook acquired by me and the Vice President, they would realise the unlawful nature of that which they support.  The club to date is still devoid of any  necessary insurance.  God forbid we have an incident involving glass at a club function.

I have followed the lead of my Vice President and I have also resigned from the committee.


Written by Coral Saunders.


And Then In 2012 Again We See The Same Thing Happening Again!!! And, Again The President Writes A Resignation and Distributes It To The Members And The Association Archives In Canberra.

Matt Gleeson letter to membership upon resigning BASEQ 23-9-2012

Dear Members,

My name is Matt Gleeson and I am the current serving President of the Blues Association of South East Queensland (BASEQ). I have been on the BASEQ Committee since October 2008. I spent the first three years as Membership Co-ordinator, followed by a brief stint as Vice President, before being appointed to my current role. I have always had a strong passion for blues music and own a huge vinyl record collection. I love the camaraderie of being with like-minded people and enjoy supporting the musicians, as well as our members’ interests.

In December 2011, a BASEQ General Meeting was held. At this meeting Paulette Steele was President and I was Vice President. Towards the end of this meeting, a vote was held for the approval of a membership application from a person who had previously served a twelve month ban. The committee voted in favour of granting this person membership. What followed was a series of resignations from committee officers who were either not happy with the outcome or did not wish to deal with the fallout.

I was placed in a position as the sole office bearer (Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary all resigned), whereby I could either dissolve the association or resurrect it with legal assistance. I chose the latter option as I did not feel that our members should suffer as a result of the actions of persons formerly belonging to the BASEQ Committee.

Since this meeting was held in December 2011, BASEQ has been continuously undermined by two former committee members who cannot accept a committee decision to approve the aforementioned membership application. Their platform has been one of hatred, negativity and retribution to those individuals that they believe have wronged them.

I have become a target of ridicule and scorn by not only these two former committee members, but by others that share their views. I have stood back and watched this all unfold, without barely uttering a word. However, everyone has a right of reply and now is the time for me to exercise mine. I feel that I have single-handedly carried BASEQ from what seemed like a hopeless situation to an active one.

One of the aforementioned committee members is now asking for you to vote for them as President at the upcoming BASEQ Annual General Meeting (AGM). Obviously, the decision who you vote for is entirely yours. However, I would strongly urge you not to vote for a person who has displayed deplorable and unconscionable behaviour. I have had enough of being a whipping boy for a warring faction that only has their self-interests at heart.

They try to espouse the virtues of aspiring to be unified and having no personal agendas – what a joke! It is their grubby politics that has contributed to the current state of BASEQ, and they have a lot to answer for. I feel a great deal of sadness about having to air dirty laundry, but I also feel it is necessary to clear my name so that my integrity remains intact. Please refer attached documents, emails and Facebook correspondence.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Gleeson

23 September 2012

So you see this is not an isolated incident of petty, vindictive behaviour. In some cases it has come close to being criminal. Such petty behaviour is more annoying to me than anything else, their small world really has no effect upon me. It is really more tiresome that I find (in some cases such as this) that I have to reply at all and supply the evidence for you all so that you will be aware of their disruptive practices.

For Instance,  the AMES facebook page currently has ‘Dallas Frasca’ in the icon. The background of the AMES page is a Poster supporting ROCK FOR MS in Adelaide a Charity Event.

Now, the poster that I took the ‘Dallas Frasca’ Photo from has (as all posters and posts I make) backlinks attached to itunes, facebook page, Web page, etc.) That is the unique thing about AMES, when AMES makes a post, it always backlinks it to the artists to take fans to their page and help promote artists and help them with their sales. Many likes on an artists page over the past 8 years, might well have come from AMES. I only promote Austalian Music, so if I am going to use a figure as the icon, it’s going to be an Australian Artist.

Now in the small petty mind of BASEQ they believe that I am misrepresenting myself. Not true! AMES is a business page about the Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. Dallas Frasca was the first “Poster Girl” on AMES when we started on myspace 8 years ago. Dallas has just come back from a successful European Tour and released new single. You can PRE-ORDER the new single, ‘You Are Beautiful‘ on iTunes HERE.

Many Musician’s have been in the AMES icon space on facebook. Dallas is just one of them. Still, somehow I am misrepresenting myself, as the President of BASEQ and The Assistant Secretary seem to think. By the way, the Assistant Secretary is married to the Vice-President of BASEQ, and she was the past President of BASEQ. The NOW President, was also the past Vice-President.

Any way, the Assistant Secretary seems to think I am hiding from people. Not so, I do have a Personal Profile page, as well as a Business page. Which is what The Royal Mail should have done to avoid facebook closing it down. Facebook did this as they want avoid any law suits they might come about through businesses gaining inside information about people by posing as a personal profile.

The post below was made by The Assistant Secretary of BASEQ, not only defaming me, but a Long time friend, former BASEQ Committee member, Drummer with ‘Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues Band’ (who were the first Australian Blues Band to hit the Charts in the ’60’s), has played with some of Australia’s most Legendary Musician’s, Wiley Reed, Phil Manning, Harry Brus, Kevin Borich, Graham Thompson, the list goes on…. But still, they choose to have a go at Dave who has paid his due’s and does not deserve to be disrespected in any way.

It annoy’s me actually, I have a lot of time for Dave. They can defame me all they want, that’s why I gave up my own Musical aspirations. I know that if people speak out about such thing’s, there are repercussion’s to expect. So I gave them up to be the middleman for the musician’s. Whenever there is something going wrong, they usually tell me. I don’t let other’s know where the information came from, and I follow up to make sure it’s factual. But still, small minded people like BASEQ that have no respect make baseless accusation’s without any proof and rely only on Chinese whispers for credibility.

Make your own mind up about BASEQ, It’s a good institution when run well. However, the current corruption and almost criminal actions of it’s Committee is destructive to the Music and Entertainment Industry.

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