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There are a lot of “Fanmoters” in Brisbane denying Regional Musicians work within Brisbane. The Blues Association Of South East Queensland is filled to the brim with the collective of people who monopolise this.

Yesterday 2 of these “Fanmoters” were cross talking amongst themselves, trying to pull others into their deluded conclusions. Their Conclusion is that Musicians should only be paid a wage if they can draw a crowd!

Capture 1



But doesn’t any music of any kind draw a crowd? Look at the crap Commercial Radio and Sony are laying on us as (so called) music. Even Flume when winning all those aria’s didn’t expect to win. This is because as he admitted, “I’m not a musician, I’m producer.”

Of course to a degree they are right. However, if you can’t draw a crowd, are you really a musician. Perhaps you should consider a career change. You must be doing something wrong, maybe you can’t play your instrument?

Even then, that alone might not be the case, Music is a business and if you are playing it, you should learn your business so as you can remain in it.

Still, in another sense they are wrong again, it is like saying that just because you don’t hear any Australian Musicians on Radio there are no good Australian Musicians.

Because I have constantly been pointing out the corruption and mistakes over the years used by these “Fanmoters” I am their favourite target. They have formed a Trolling and Hacking community that concentrates on not just me, but others. They also have access to Government Data Bases.

I sound paranoid don’t I, don’t worry I think I do too. However they employ simpletons to do their dirty work and give them small rewards like, a Gig at The Queensland Festival of Blues, pseudo recognition as a reviewer and free access to gigs etc…

Why would these people do such things for such small rewards. Sadly, they all seek recognition and don’t get it. They attack me constantly with accusations of Misogyny, paedophilia, Mental Health issues, Police Arrests that have never happened, running Child Pornography pages on facebook, oh look the list goes on and on….


CaptureHeads Up from Muso

The truth of the matter is that there is a small group of largely unknown musicians playing around Brisbane who never Tour and rarely record just to keep a monopoly on the local gigs run through the one Agency all run out of the members of BASEQ. 5 Piece bands are playing 4 hour gigs for as little as $350! They undercut any and all that approach the Venues. This garauntee’s them more gigs a week, thus a sustainable wage. But as Musician’s shouldn’t they be promoting themselves? Part of that promotion is Touring, none of these Brisbane Musicians do it!

In the photo snaps, Roslyn Johnson, (Committee member for BASEQ handling membership) is telling Musicians to wake the FARK UP!!! it’s a new day in the music scene. What she puts forward as to how Bands are currently being handled is ridiculous.

Roslyn Johnson is also the Stalker who was texting me in the middle of the night every night for weeks. I never answered her. Her Friend Shannan Chaves is also part of this Troll Committee. Shannan is the Co-Lessee along with Paul Robinson of The New Globe Theatre.

You remember Shannan she is the foul mouthed little girl that rang me in the middle of the night and on the 3rd call I answered fearing my mother was dead. I let her rave on for an hour after that abusing me, telling me how many people hate me. (As if I care) Blah, Blah.

Anyway, I handed the telephone messages over to the Public Service and they investigated her for fraud and breach of the Public service code. The tape I posted to facebook and has since gone viral. Some smart Americans knowing how foul mouth young girls sell, changed it into a ring-tone and are now charging $5 a ring tone for it! I wish I had some of that action! lol 😉

CaptureEmployeefraud shannan

Also down below are some very strange comments made by people who aren’t musicians, Paul Renton who likes to pretend he is one makes a comment there as well. Paul Renton never draws a crowd and his recent gig with Mojo Webb had to be cancelled for that very reason. No one wants to see an overweight talent-less red-neck with no grace up on stage, let alone hear them! So why is he playing in Brisbane? Here he is with another ordinary musician, Dane Andersen.

CaptureMRB French Maid Music Kafe'

Then we get to Michele-Rose Boylan who is the popular crazed stalker who Devils Kiosk are the only ones to be able to get her into Court on the Telecommunications Law and win. Because the Telecommunications Law it hasn’t had any time to sort itself out yet, or have any precedents. Michele is certainly helping precedents to be made all by herself. Over 40 people are waiting for her to slip so they can get her into Court. The above Photo is of the “Real?” Michele-Rose Boylan. (She’s the person in the French maid outfit) Everyone avoid’s her in real life, outside of facebook, she simply does not exist! She is a self professed Prostitute that claim’s her story in the sex industry will make her millions! So she knows how these claims of paedophilia etc,.. have a tendency to make people think with a Lynch mob mentality. WOULD YOU TRUST THIS ELITE REVIEWER TO WRITE A REVIEW FOR YOU?

I waited for BASEQ to make a mistake , now Shannan Chaves might well be in Court soon on Federal Telecommunications Charges. She could be facing 4 years.

I have a lot more surprises, as well as Rolling Stone calling Michele-Rose Boylan Obviously mentally ill. Michele-Rose Boylan boasts of her affiliation with “Rolling Stone” Australia. They assure me otherwise, assuring me they have never published anything by her. I never thought otherwise myself.  Here’s part of what Rolling Stone told me…

CaptureRollingStoneMRB CaptureRolling Stone MRB2 CaptureMRB Rolling Stone4 CaptureMRB Rolling Stone5

But The Question Remains Unsolved!
“Should Regional Musicians be paid a living wage to play in Brisbane?”




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