Regina Norwood – Poet ! “The Human Jouney – From The Light, To Darkness And Back Again !”

Regina Norwood - Poet.Click on her Picture to contact her via facebook.

Regina Norwood – Poet.
Click on her Picture to contact her via facebook.

Regina Norwood – Poet !

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When I first wrote this Article about Regi, she was in the final edit phase. I’m glad to say that she has now completed her book . This is more than just a book of poems, it’s a guide. Its different catergories fit in with every bit of lifes changing moments during the day.The different catergories then give you a guide as to what you might need to read today.
Regi’s unique style of writing takes you through the battle of mood disorders, helps you rationalise them and spins the poem around to a positive outcome. I never get tired of her work. Though for some, reading her work out of context might be a bit confronting. An excellant piece of work Regi, thank you!
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  Regi’s Reflections From light to darkness and back again

Regina Norwood.

Born in Innisfail Queensland,  Regina spent her formative  years growing up in Mt. Druitt in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Her Mother was born in Cairns and Father, Maryborough, so a return to Queensland was on on the cards. Regina now Lives with her own Family (Two Lovely Daughters) in South East Queensland.

She is a prolific writer and has an incredible talent. Regina writes about life, and the lesson’s we all learn from living it. Naturally she writes from the perspective of her own sex. However, this is very refreshing in itself !The insight’s she provides not only appeal to Women but, Men who care about the Women in their lives.

Regina’s words can break your heart and inspire you to do better all in the one poem. Every Man should read her work. It would give them an insight into the hazard’s that every woman endures daily in their existence. Hopefully it will also teach them to respect the hardship’s of  a Woman;s life.

Regina has an incredible style. She handles difficult topic’s honestly, and always resolves each topic with a positive out come ! Inspired by life her Children are her greatest love.  Perhaps that’s why she faces life’s Demon’s through her writing. To assure herself she has the strength and knowledge to keep them safe. She is a Lioness of prose protecting her Cub’s through verbal confrontation and reflection.

Tom McLeod.

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by Regina Norwood

I have been totally sucked dry,
But there is always water,
Beneath the hardness of life,
I was an innocent daughter.

“Play the cards you’re dealt with!”
That’s what they say.
“Do the best with what you have”,
And never sway.

Well I sway all the time,
It’s a constant battle,
To live this life.
And learn nothing at-all.

It’s complex and telling,
A roller coaster ride.
Don’t think you can get off,
Because you can’t hide.

From the never-ending learning.
Such is life!


Copyright Regina Norwood 10/08/2011


By Regina Norwood.


It’s a scary thing.

We don’t want to talk about it, or go within.

It’s a time of facing mortality.

A time of thinking you can’t win.

Wondering what will happen,

When someone shows you a grin.

A grin that doesn’t mean laughter or happiness,

But a physical force that you can’t beat.

Giving in so the torture is less,

And waving the white flag of retreat.

Trapped in a world of no power,

And everything is surreal.

Yearning for a shower,

To wash away how you feel.

It sends more than a chill down your spine,

And you wouldn’t want it again.

Life showing you, you have limited time.

But there is always a chance, that you can mend.


Copyright Regina Norwood.