Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. (AMES)

Suze DeMarchi (Baby Animals)
Suze DeMarchi SB&RF 2011

Australian Music and Entertainment Scene.


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We (AMES) have Media Information and Fan Pages on most Social Networks. If artists post a link or play list we will invite them to join our Industry Only Networking Group. From there we will promote you on our 10 Internationally Synced Sites. For Free !

“AMES” is devoted to the encouragement of Australian Artists. We encourage Fellowship and Mentorship within these Networks. Artists might well find the help they need amongst their peer’s in here.

“AMES” finds and offers Artists opportunities on it’s pages. You may – or may not, decide to take up these opportunities. We try to check out all contributors by ABN and APRA / AMCOS numbers before posting. Unfortunately some unscrupulous opportunist’s sometimes slip by. A good rule of thumb is to never to expect something for free. Also make sure that you know who you are dealing with. You would not be acting professionally if you didn’t know.

From Time To Time We Do A Compilation Album Of Unsigned an Original Artist’s Within Our Membership.

This is our Last CD, You Can Support Australian Music By Clicking On The Link Below.


All Proceeds Go To The Artists.

There is no profit going to AMES for this.

We ( AMES ) offer you the opportunities. However, we can not be held responsible for your actions, or for those by the persons you you might choose to apply to through it’s pages.

By posting your link to “AMES” it will increase your hit’s to your links, possibly improve your Digital Playlist Sales and give you the contacts you need etc..

AMES gets 900,500 hit’s each month on facebook alone.

Conservatively on all 10 World Wide Web Pages we have a viewing of over 5 1/2 million hit’s a month. (World Wide)

That is more than most monthly online magazines !

We also have an “Industry Only” Networking Group. This is your haven away from Fan’s enabling you to Network and help each other.

2013 is the 7th year of AMES and the Database of Australian Musicians has grown incredibly. We have been able to help Artists, Entertainers, Promoters, Managers, Production Personel … in fact anyone within the Industry because we have been able to consolidate them in one place and direct them appropriately when we are asked for help.

Good Luck Everyone !

Tom McLeod

Australian Music and Entertainment Scene.

468x60 AMMBS2

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