Australian Music Industry Network – Booking Confirmation Checklist

This is a checklist of key details which should be included in a booking confirmation agreement. It is not exhaustive. It is not a
substitute for legal advice. Every engagement is different in some way. Almost all deals can be improved by professional analysis and
negotiation. You should get competent and specialised legal advice on the subject matter and terms of any agreement before you sign
anything. However, this checklist sets out the details and issues you should be on the look-out for.


1.) Artist(s) details
a. Name(s)
b. ABN(s) and account number
c. Address
d. Contact person and number
2.) Employer’s details
a. Name
b. ABN
c. Address
3.) Performance details
a. Venue details (Name, room name, address, capacity, contact person (different for stage and lighting?),
number, sound or time restrictions):
i. Stage requirements (including equipment)
ii. Power requirements
iii. Transport arrangements
b. Date(s)
c. Times:
i. Equipment access
ii. Sound check
iii. Doors open
iv. Bump out
d. Performance:
i. Number of sets
ii. Duration of each set
iii. Duration of breaks
iv. Covers
e. Artist Rider (refreshments?)
f. Order of billing
4.) Fee (or basis of calculation)
a. Deposit (timing of deposit payment)
b. Payment method and time (e.g. “by cash immediately after each performance”)
c. GST included (artist registered for GST?)
d. Cover charge (percentage to artist?)
e. Minimum Ticket Sales?
f. Sound Engineers
g. Transport and Accommodation
5.) Promotion arrangements
Who makes promo arrangements and pays?
6.) Cancellation and termination
a. Venue cancellation fee (timing)
b. Artist no-show (Force majeure)
7.) Liability
a. Lost or stolen goods
b. Injury
c. Insurance
8.) If working in NSW, is the booking agent licensed under NSW’s entertainment industry act 1989?
For further information consult your local Industry Association, Arts Law, or a legal professional.


About Australian Music Industry Network – AMIN

AMIN is the national network of state music industry associations – Contemporary Music Services Tasmania (CMST), Music NSW, Music NT, Music Victoria, Q Music and the West Australian Music Industry Association (WAM).  AMIN broadly represents the music industry across genres and sectors, and its members provide services to musicians and music businesses throughout their careers, right across the country.

AMIN Legal Pack

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