Who Work’s For Australian Music And Entertainment Scene ? – By Tom McLeod.

Brod’s Wonderin’ Too !

There has been a lot of speculation as to who actually work’s for AMES of late. Let me put all the unfounded accusation’s to rest. I work for AMES … no one else. Very few have the time or experience too ! Some Musician’s have volunteered their services (whenever they have some available) such as Louise Hughes (ex-“Party Girls” – Currently playing with “Bluesmother”) and Linda King Louise’s Partner in “Bluesmother.” They Sub-edit the “Industry Only Networking Group.”

This “Industry Only” Networking Group is by either application (in which we do a check before we give you admission) or by invitation. It is a self-help Group in which Industry Professional’s can Network with each other, to find their needs. Work, Management, Grant Information, Promotional Information, APRA / AMCOS Information … in fact anything can be found amongst the members in the Network. All you have to do is ask … Fan’s have been isolated from this Group so that Industry people won’t be hampered by their interference.

This is what AMES is all about … Fellowship and Mentor-ship. Recently in Queensland, people defamed a Musician because of an alleged Association with me. I was recently one of 4 Judges In The BASEQ Memphis Blues Challenge. This person was in no way employed by me at anytime. I employ no one.

I lose money doing what I do ! That is why I have a sole trader ABN so I can claim expenses back and not have to charge the Musician’s anything for all the work I do for them. I have never at anytime paid a wage to anyone and I am totally responsible for my own action’s.

Also if you like AMES on Facebook, Facebook will give you an automatic option, it generally says something like ;

“Australian Music and Entertainment Scene says you work together.”

Then it gives you the option to approve or deny ! Over 3,000 Industry People have AMES on their page as their “works for” because of this automatic option.

The TRUTH is I am AMES ! I work for you, the people in the Music and Entertainment Industry. I only have Supporters Industry Wide, and a World Wide Coverage. This was initiated to give Australian Musician’s more opportunities in their own Country. (Which I have done)

As I wrote earlier today some people have a view, but are too blind to see the world beyond the Horizon. Unfortunately this applies to some people I have dealt with recently in Brisbane. If you want to be a hero in your own mind, by all means drop all your aspiration’s and follow these sad people around in their own private small world. If you would like to be the best you can be, look beyond the horizon.

Tom McLeod

“The AMES Industry Only Network Policy”

” AMES ” is a Networking Group for the Australian Music & Entertainment Industry only. By gathering together in one place we all have become a powerful force.

Ames finds and offers you opportunities on its pages. You may or may not decide to take up these opportunities. We also try to check out all it’s contributors by ABN and APRA / AMCOS numbers before posting. Unfortunately some unscrupulous opportunists sometimes slip by.

A good rule of thumb is to never to expect something for free. Also make sure that you know who you are dealing with. You would not be acting professional if you didn’t know.

We ( AMES ) offer you the opportunities. However, we can not be held responsible for your actions, or for those by the persons you might choose to apply to through this page.

AMES accepts all members of the Industry but you must be able to show us what you can do so you must be able to download your work it is essential for membership. Unless you are Promotional Agent etc … where a basic web page will be fine.

Members to this Group are either recruited from our Fan and Information Page ( FB ) or MySpace page.

AMES is run on the ” Pay it Forward Principle. ” If someone needs or wants something and you are in a position to help ( providing they deserve your help ) you are encouraged to give it. We encourage mentorship and fellowship.

The actions for this page to become an efficient tool for you is simple.

1. )Swallow your pride and ask for what you need or want. Some one out there will be able to Help you.

2. )If nobody responds to your initial request, go through the members and approach the members direct. Tell them that you got their contact from AMES and I am sure they will respond kindly to you.

This Group is your haven where you can communicate and find what you need by simply talking to your colleagues. So by all means please reach out to each other to help us all to have a stronger hold on our Industry.

Thank you all so much for being a member of AMES !



I constantly find myself posting this item to the AMES Networking Group. Unfortunately because some members are not really Industry involved … but self involved.

(Don’t Post your Gigs in this Group … Post to the Link Below !)


Remember we don’t do blind post to this Group ! If you post a playlist or a video you must have a reason why, or it will deleted ! If you have a reason … great !

This isn’t a Fan page like so many others on Facebook. It is a Network of Industry Professionals.

That is why if you just put your link down and something like “Enjoy”, or just put it up, it will be deleted. We have to know why you are here so we can Network with you and help you !

Go to our Fan and Media Information Page for self promotion …. or one of the so many other Music Fan pages run by Fan’s. This is a Network where Artists can Network without the intervention of Fan’s. They will also probably be playing, recording, acting etc … when you are. So don’t put your gig down here it just confuses the helpful information others can use !

This is not a Fan Page run by a Fan … we are all Industry professional’s … or aspiring to be. This site function’s on Mentorship and fellowship. Not self Promotion.

Go to the Fan and Media Information Page for self Promotion. Instantly your post goes to 10 other pages around the world. This page get’s 3,200,000 million hit’s per month.

You have to have a goal so we can help you in this Professional’s Network … !!! 🙂

Mossy Know’s Tucker’s Daughter Doesn’t Work For AMES !

But That’s Not All !!!

“The AMES Media And Fan Information Page.”

Ames also has a Media and Fan Information Page. This page is edited from facebook and synched with 10 other Social Networking sites around the World. Collectively AMES receives 3 1/2 million hit’s a month World Wide on these Pages. This is the criteria by which the Media and Fan Information Page Run’s. Anyone can join these pages.


This is the Media Information and Fan Page for the ” Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. “If you post a link or playlist we will invite you to join our group. From there we will promote you on our 8 Internationally Synched Sites. For Free !


We (AMES) have Media Information and Fan Pages on most Social Networks. If artists posts a link or playlist we might invite them to join our Industry Only Networking Group. From there we will promote you on our 10 Internationally Synched Sites. For Free !

“AMES” is devoted to the encouragement of Australian Artists. We encourage Fellowship and Mentor-ship within these Networks. Artists might well find the help they need amongst their peer’s in here.

“AMES” finds and offers Artists opportunities on its pages. They may – or may not, decide to take up these opportunities. We try to check out all it’s contributors by ABN and APRA / AMCOS numbers before posting. Unfortunately some unscrupulous opportunist’s sometimes slip by.

A good rule of thumb is to never to expect something for free. Also make sure that you know who you are dealing with. You would not be acting professional if you didn’t know.

We ( AMES ) offer you the opportunites. However, we can not be held responsible for your actions, or for those by the persons you might choose to apply to through its pages.

By posting your link to “AMES” it will increase your hit’s to your link, possibly improve your MP3 and Playlist Sales and give you the contacts you need etc.

AMES gets 900,500 hit’s each month on facebook alone. Conservatively on all 10 World Wide Web Pages we have a viewing of over 3 1/2 million hit’s a month. (World Wide)

That is more than most monthly online magazines !

The “Industry Only” Networking Group is Run by Louise Hughes. (former “Party Girls” current “Bluesmother”) This year is the 6th year of AMES and the Database of Australian Musicians has grown incredibly. We have been able to help Artists, Entertainers, Promoters, Managers, Production personnel … in fact anyone within the Industry because we have been able to consolidate them in one place and direct them appropriately when we are asked for help.

Good Luck Everyone !

Tom McLeod

(Australian Music and Entertainment Scene.)


2 thoughts on “Who Work’s For Australian Music And Entertainment Scene ? – By Tom McLeod.

  1. Wow, it sounds like you are doing quite a bit to help the musicians of Australia. Sadly, I think we have all come across someone who ” is a hero in the thier own mind”. I know I have. No one gets anywhere on their own–it does take a network of support to do so. It is awesome work that you are doing and watch out for the wolves they are always out there aren’t they?

    • Thanks Ivonne,
      I try ! And yes I am afraid I have a bad case of “White Knight Syndrome”. I am off the age though when I can remember a healthy Music scene in Australia. Not many people can. I used to see AC/DC at the Hurstville Civic Centre in Sydney for $1, As well as many other Legendary Bands in other Venue’s. I have also played on the same Bill as some of today’s most famous Australian Artists like Tommy Emmanuel. Unfortunately, some people like to control and manipulate Musician’s because of the lack of work.

      They try and keep them locally engaged to line their own pockets stifling the Artist’s career. These people are mostly Fan’s from Genre based Club’s and have not got the best interest’s of the Musician’s at heart. They don’t know what is like to starve on the Road, try to get the money to record, or for that matter worry about how a Musician is going to feed their Family when they under pay them.

      When I talk about Local Musician’s, I mean Australian Musician’s. When these people talk of Local Musician’s, they talk of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairn’s … well you get the idea. They aren’t even aware of Australian Musician’s outside of their own CBD.

      We need to take back our own airwaves, only Independent recording and Massive Touring on a National scale will help us do that. Unfortunately it is an expensive thing to do. So myself and some other’s are talking about how to make it cheaper for them to do so. It is also a shame that most Big Australian Music Festivals are dominated by Overseas Artists. It’s ripping the money from Australian Artists. Thing’s are about to turn around, keep an eye on the Australian Music Scene. Tom 🙂

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