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“O’Brien is a talent to watch!” Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue Magazine USA

“A superlative guitarist” Danny Murphy, FHM Australia

“The finest Strat tone Down Under!” JP Stratoblogster USA

Australian Blues sensation PJ O’Brien knows how to get a Blues party started. In the last few years his blistering fretwork has been turning heads from Perth to Memphis, Chicago, Austin, London, Singapore and back again. Along with frequent flyer points PJ has gathered a legion of new fans and a swag of awards: Blues Song of the Year, WA Music Awards (WAMIs); Music Oz Blues Artist of the Year; Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year; Best New Talent and Song of the Year, ‘Chain’ Australian Blues Awards. Driven by a hard-edged Chicago/ Texas style guitar, PJ’s Blues are given a contemporary twist with award-winning song writing and soulful vocals. Tom Hyslop of Blues Review USA has named PJ ‘a talent to watch’.

PJ has been well and truly under the Blues spell ever since he saw Chicago Blues legend Buddy Guy at the age of 17 at a local Perth hotel. The self-taught guitarist has been chasing the live Blues feeling since he first took to the stage of the Perth Blues Club in 1992 – only a year after he was inspired to pick up a Strat. From these beginnings, PJ has played with the best of the best in Oz Blues. He has played multiple times at festivals such as Blues at Bridgetown (WA), the Narooma Blues Festival (NSW), the Gympie Muster (QLD) Blues On Broadbeach (QLD), Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival (NSW) and the Australian Blues Music Festival (NSW), as well as countless venues around Australia and overseas including Singapore, London and the US.

In 2005 he was awarded the Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year and the coveted position at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Following the release of his first solo, original album, Blues People, he won Best New Talent and Song of the Year at the 2006 ‘Chain’ Australian Music Awards.

Early 2012 will see the follow up CD release to his award-winning first solo album, Blues People (Blackmarket Music).

Best Blues Artist – Musicoz Awards (2004)

Performer of the Year – Sydney Blues Society (2005)

Best New Talent – Australian Blues Festival ‘Chain’ Awards (2006)

Song of the Year – Australian Blues Festival ‘Chain’ Awards (2006)

Sydney Blues Society Rep – International Blues Challenge, Memphis USA (2006)

Semi-finalist – Compo10 International Blues Song writing Contest (2007)

Jefferson Blues

Jefferson Blues

$25.00 AUD

Blues PeopleBlues People

Blues People

$25.00 AUD

Winner of two Australian Blues Music Awards (2005)

Jefferson Blues + Blues People

Jefferson Blues + Blues People

$40.00 AUD

Buy both Jefferson Blues and Blues People in a twin pack for $40 inclusive of shipping. Bargain!

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Jefferson Blues (2012)


Jefferson Blues

Here’s a sample of the tunes off the new album. Hope you like them! Click on the store link if you want to buy it off this site.


Track Title
100 years [3:16]

(PJ O’Brien)
Winning Hand [4:42]

(PJ O’Brien)
Turn On Your Light [3:07]

(PJ O’Brien)
Cold Like The North Pole [5:03]

(PJ O’Brien)
Moving Mountains [5:31]

(PJ O’Brien)
To Be [4:19]

(PJ O’Brien)
Memphis Ribs [3:24]

(PJ O’Brien)
Into The Fire [3:54]

(PJ O’Brien)
Out On The Town [5:16]

(PJ O’Brien)
Times Like These [4:00]

(PJ O’Brien)
Blues People (2005)

Blues People

Award winning 2005 album is back in print!

Track Title
Beauty Queen [3:48]
One and Only [3:59]
The Kind Of Mind [5:00]
Bet You Don’t [4:51]
The Great Shame 1846 [3:17]
Everybody’s Crying [4:02]
A Home In My Heart [5:34]
Elbow Grease [5:20]
Muleshoe New Mexico [4:08]

‘Blues People’ returns!

To celebrate the re-release of my previous album ‘Blue People’ i’m doing a SPECIAL DEAL!!
A Blues People/Jefferson Blues twin pack for $40 including postage!! Hurrah!



“The blues is one of those funny things. We all have our ideas about what the blues is but as soon as we think we have a handle on the music, where it’s come from and where it’s going along comes someone like Shaun Kirk who blows away all our preconceptions.”
– Matthew Fredericks (PBS FM, Melbourne)

Growing up an enthusiastic and successful sportsman, it wasn’t until a badly broken ankle at the age of seventeen forced him to sit still for a while, that Shaun Kirk discovered his passion for music. Having written his first song in a hospital bed whilst waiting for surgery, Shaun decided to experiment with his new-found love at many of Melbourne’s blues jam nights. Though at the time a folk singer, watching the more experienced artists jam their 12-bar tunes would later see Shaun realize an irrefutable feel for the blues.

Since the independent release of his award winning debut album ‘Cruisin’ in 2010, Shaun has been captivating audiences across the country with his charming style of boogie blues & soul. With a bevy of new material, Kirk’s first full-length album, ‘Thank You for Giving Me the Blues’ sees the twenty-four year old troubadour take a leap in musical maturity, with press labelling him as “One of the finest blues voices this country has ever heard” (Buzz Magazine) and “The most interesting blues talent this country has seen in a long time” (Matthew Frederick, PBS FM). The album, which offers seven original tracks and three covers, has all the passion and vigour you can ask for in a contemporary blues/soul record. Shaun’s blood, sweat and dedication to his art shines through; from slow and soulful ballads like ‘Find Somebody To Love’ to witty tales of life on the road in ‘Chicken & Corn’; raw, stripped back instrumentals like‘The Howlin Harp Boogie’; and hard-hitting yet energetic grooves such as ‘The Drug Got a Hold Onto You’. His innovative arrangements of old blues standards by the likes of Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley show his inclination to take the genre to places it hasn’t been. This production delivers not only emotive guitar playing and animated blues harmonica but enough thick drum/percussive grooves to inspire even the most docile listener to boogie. Topped off by a cameo performance with Australian blues legend Lloyd Spiegel and Shaun’s resilient, grinding vocal abilities, this is undoubtedly Kirk’s most accomplished work to date.

Now a seasoned performer, Shaun is taking the ‘one man show’ concept to an exciting contemporary level. Surrounded by a stomp box, tambourine, high hat, cymbal, kick and snare drum, Shaun’s flair for playing six percussive sounds with his feet, whilst delivering quality guitar and blues- harmonica performances, is undeniably impressive!

Dedication and hard work has seen Shaun earn numerous TV appearances and consistent airplay across Australia on Triple J, ABC Radio National, ABC Local and internationally, with ‘Thank You for Giving Me the Blues’ climbing to #1 on the Australian National Blues/Roots Airplay Charts in January 2012. His talent and expanding profile has led to recent billing with the likes of Eric Bibb, Ian Moss, Tex Perkins, Ash Grunwald, Dallas Frasca and Lloyd Spiegel as well as appearances at renowned festivals such as Bluesfest, Blues On Broadbeach, Australian Blues Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, St Kilda Festival, Blues at Bridgetown, Cairns Blues Festival and Darwin Blues Festival. Shaun’s popularity and achievements, including the 2010 VIC/TAS Debut Blues Artist of the Year, look set to soar on what promises to be a very successful and prominent career.

“Shaun Kirk is the real deal – a young bluesman in the tradition of the greats. Killer songwriter, great singer and can wield an axe, a harp and feet beats with the best of them. He’s only going to get better and better. Long may he run!”       – Mark Holden 

“One of the finest blues’ voices that this country has ever heard”                             – Buzz Magazine

“Shaun has a vocal range I could only dream of having. He is always a pleasure to listen to!” – Dallas Frasca

“Something different from the glut of  indie, Triple J inspired pop out there, very enjoyable and refreshing from a very talented young man.” – Tonedeaf

“Simply astounding.” – Tsunami/Forte Magazine

“Shaun is no doubt a talented and inventive young artist, it’s possessing the right attitude and sense of tradition that makes him stand out.”  – Lloyd Spiegel

“Shaun Kirk’s youth belies the depth of his music, his soulful tone and feel draw from a tradition beyond his days. And yet, I still get the feeling that something new is happening when I hear him play.”  – Jimi Hocking

“Shaun Kirk shows the oldies how it’s done. My faith in this generation’s music has been restored. Blues fans rejoice.” – DearHead Press

“Some people are just born to do something whilst others have to work all their life to achieve the same.  Shaun’s music is authentic, exciting and compelling. His stripped back feel sounds like it ferments in the muggy back blocks of Louisiana and not Melbourne’s urban fringe. This man is the real thing.” – John Carver (PBS FM, Melbourne)


Sydney Blues & Roots Festival 2012

25, 26, 27, 28 October

The promoters of the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival are proud to announce this years band release. 
Please sit back and enjoy the ride

A ride finishing late October, and a festival that promises to be the BIGGEST, MOST EXCITING festival that we have had the pleasure in presenting.
What follows will be the start of a playing program that will
leave you panting for more.

The Angels



The Angels, with Dave Gleeson upfront, will showcase their favourite songs from their new album Take It To The Streets, and deliver the greatest of their hits, at the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival. You’ll see why The Angels are being called the best live rock band in Australia today.

Ian Moss


Respected as one of Australia’s iconic musicians, Ian Moss delivers an unforgettable sound – not only as a telling soloist on guitar but especially with his silken voice, ringing with clarity and resonating with pure soul.

Charlie Musselwhite


Harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite’s life reads like a classic blues song: born in Mississippi, raised in Memphis and schooled on the South Side of Chicago. A groundbreaking recording artist since the 1960s, Musselwhite continues to create trailblazing music while remaining firmly rooted in the blues.

Lanie Lane


This talented singer-songwriter channels the voice of a bygone era, and places it in a thoroughly modern context.Mixing a dash of 50s rock ‘n’ roll with a pinch of blues and rockabilly on her debut album ‘To The Horses’, Lanie Lane serves up a heady dish of tunes about love, heartbreak and a cowboy.After romancing festival crowds across the country, selling out her first two national headline tours, and cutting tracks with Jack White, Lanie’s career could so far be described as “going pretty well”.

Mia Dyson



Known for her whisky-tinged voice and liken to Lucinda Williams & Bob Dylan.She has released 3 critically-acclaimed albums, toured the world and opened for Stevie Nicks, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt & Joe Cocker. All 3 albums were nominated for ARIAs including ‘Best Female Artist’.

Ray Beadle

Blues / Soul


Ray Beadle (Australia)
After more than ten years in the business, Ray Beadle is still regarded as young for his considerable talent! He was discovered in the early part if this century performing a three month residency with the house band in B.B King’s Club in Memphis and has also performed at Buddy Guy’s Blues Club in Chicago as well as several Southern Blues festivals in the USA.
While in the states Ray recorded with Mark Sallings and has also had the privilege of performing with American greats such as Andy Just, Dave Bowen and Chris Cain. Chris Cain remarked “Ray is unquestionably one of the finest musicians I have come across …His songwriting has a harmonic and emotional depth that many strive for but few capture. Ray’s guitar work…well, lets just say this cat is VERY dangerous.”
Performing in most shows with his band, and with a new album ready to release later this year, Ray Beadle’s career is on the ascent – you’ll be spellbound when you experience a live show.

The Trews



By the beginning of 2010, the Trews were feeling a little lost.The band had been on an upwardly mobile streak since “Not Ready to Go” first came pumping out of Canadian radio back in 2003. They wasted no time piling success on top of success, watching their stature grow with multiple hit singles and an incomparable live show, courting exhaustion while they fanned out across the world and carved an eccentric and stubborn path through an industry demanding that they always “compete.”The tensions were audible on 2008’s No Time for Later. The band’s third album was its most accomplished and satisfying. But as a formal exercise in broadening their songwriting chops while making a hermetically perfect studio recording – all while shoveling enough hits into the mouth of the beast – it emerged uptight and dark, maybe even a little claustrophobic. Not insignificantly, the second single was called “Paranoid Freak”.As the first leg of touring wrapped up on their sidelong 2009 Acoustic – Friends & Total Strangers retrospective, for the first time in years the Trews found themselves facing time off and a blank canvas. As Colin MacDonald bluntly puts it, “We didn’t really know what to do.” The rest of the tour was months away. The band had forward momentum but nowhere to go.Enter Gord Sinclair. The Tragically Hip bassist surfaced amidst this rare period of suspended animation and offered the Trews a little shelter at the Hip’s fabled Bathouse Recording Studio. He said they could cool their jets, make some demos. “And I’ll hang out for a couple days, drink some beer, and listen to what you guys have got going on,” he suggested. It sounded like a holiday to John-Angus MacDonald.“We were just looking to run away a little,” the guitarist admits. “And we wanted to do something fun, organic, be a band again, and fuck the consequences, all that stuff.”And so bassist Jack Syperek, drummer Sean Dalton, and the two MacDonald brothers faded into the bucolic splendor of Bath, Ontario, where they had so much fun and fucked so many consequences that a couple months later, the Trews had a new album – Hope and Ruin. Or maybe it should be called Order Out of Chaos.In any event, the band insists that it all happened by accident, or “guerilla style,” in Colin’s words.“It was like anything was up for grabs,” continues John-Angus, “And we just needed to get a hold of where we were at, which is why we retreated to Bath. We went there to try and figure out what kind of record was in us.”So what kind of record was in them? In contrast to the cinched, vaguely political alt-rock of No Time for Later, the Trews swing low and loose on Hope and Ruin, which Sinclair unexpectedly found himself co-producing with John-Angus. Their customary wall-of-guitar is there on tracks like the explosive and somewhat insane “People of the Deer” – albeit bigger and more visceral than ever – and “The World I Know” puts a perverse twist on the kind of Aerosmith redux the band accomplishes in its sleep. “I’ll Find Someone Who Will” is their patented classic-rock, power-pop hybrid, and naturally more fun than a sugar rush after a blast of nitrous.But title track and single “Hope and Ruin” is something altogether different, superimposing chiming guitar and Colin’s reflective-yet-triumphant lyrics onto a pumping disco beat, while the guitar atmospherics of “Stay With Me” are redolent of a certain world-devouring, ‘80s rock giant. Opener “Misery Loves Company” suggests an alternate universe punk version of Cheap Trick while “Dreaming Man” is even more outré; a lambent, silky shuffle that the band whipped up over breakfast one day. Equally, “Burned” goes from a funky, clavinet-goosed intro to an inspired jam that Colin wanted to sound “like Little Feat at 2 am at some big, summer festival.” Ditto the way piano dances around John-Angus’ super-reverbed slide on “Love Is the Real Thing”.And perhaps most striking of all is the album’s centerpiece, “If You Wanna Start Again”, where the Trews actually find a credible détente between the grandeur of mid-tempo Foreigner and their own reliably good taste. It should be mentioned that their drummer was the force behind this particular masterpiece, right down to its ecstatic “woo-hoo” chorus. “It’s so killer,” says Colin. “That was Dalton.”John-Angus puts it best: “It was like our first record again,” he says, of the band’s most collaborative, exploratory, and intuitive effort in years. “When you make your first record, you don’t know who the songwriter is. Those roles aren’t established yet. The band is just trying to be the best band they can be. And we were back there.”This meant building each song from scratch, on a day-to-day basis, until the four of them were ready to hit record and take “the Jimmy Iovine approach” to tracking. Which, John Angus explains, amounts to “just playing it till it feels right.”Notwithstanding that what you’re reading here is a band bio and a therefore a big, obvious marketing tool, let it be said that only a deaf person, a fool, or a damn liar would argue that Hope and Ruin feels anything but right. If the Trews were lost when they walked into the Bathouse, they were found by the time they walked out, “rejuvenated” in John-Angus’ words, having found hope in ruin. This is the record where the Trews sound like they’re having a fuckin’ gas.“It was glorious,” reflects Colin. “I hope people like the record because if they do, I’ll be, like, ‘Yes! We can have fun while we’re doing it!’”Website

Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band

Blues / vaudeville


Mic Conway and Jim Conway have re-ignited a hot 8-piece band to present the songs, silliness and satire from The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band — including “Wangaratta Wahine”, “My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes”, “Who Walks in When I Walk Out?”, and many more.


Delta Blues


Iconic Australian blues group – Backsliders – are leaders and virtual pioneers in their own genre – ‘delta-blues wall of sound’. As a three piece, they can lift the roof off any venue – moving from straight ahead, ‘amped up’ original blues to ‘all-acoustic way down south’ delta blues.

Chase The Sun



This year’s winers of the MusicOz award for best live act, Chase The Sun continue to make a name for themselves as probably Australia’s best, loudest and most loved blues-rock bands, with guitar superstar Jan Rynsaardt playing better and better as the years pass by.

Jill Barber


Jill Barber has always had stars in her eyes. It’s a natural side effect of gazing up at the moon and composing songs bathed in its silvery glow.
From her modest beginnings as a shy acoustic folkie on the local coffeehouse stage, Barber’s recent career has been reaching starry heights.

Billy TK Jnr Band

Blues based.

Billy TK Jnr NZ’s premier Blues Guitarist prepares for a Huge 2012!!!Internationally recognized Kiwi guitar player Billy TK Jnr has been busy touring, recording his 3rd album, fronting a massive road safety campaign in NZ as well as sponsorship deals with Maton guitars, Westpac, Holden NZ and prestigious NZ wine company ‘Greystone Wines’.Billy TK jnr is on a roll – and has been for sometime – he has just co headlined the Fiji 2011 International Jazz & Blues Festival, The Sydney Blues Festival with performances in Australia, as well as being only a small handful of NZ artists invited to perform at the 2012 Tauranga
Jazz Festival featuring Keb Mo and Earth Wind and Fire.Billy TK Jnr has also had fun on tour with JIMMY BARNES on the A DAY on THE GREEN series of concerts with the FEELERS with shows in Christchurch, Auckland, New Plymouth and Wellington that had crowds upwards of 5000 and Billy was a popular favorite.The shows saw Billy sell out 100’s of copies of his new album, and twice mobbed at signings beside Jimmy himself.The highlight of the tour was when an impressed JIMMY BARNES invited Billy to play with his band and feature on 2 encores – 2 classic cold chisel songs ‘ When the War is over’ and ‘Goodbye’ in Auckland and Wellington. Jimmy commented ‘That Billy was unbelievable and one of the best guitarists’.Adding to the excitement after the tour Billy signed to the prestigious Premier Harbour Agency in Sydney following the release of his critically acclaimed 2nd album ‘Presenting Billy TK jnr’ and a stellar performance at the Sydney Blues Festival at the end of 2010.Billy has toured widely in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. and has supported and toured with George Thorogood, the Neville Brothers, Junior Wells, Mississippi Willie Foster, Ian Moss and Joe Satriani.In 2012 He has performances at NZ festivals as well as a return to the Sydney Blues Festival, an Ozzie tour in October and more international performances.According to George Thorogood, “Billy has got the whole blues guitar thang down.” Aussie guitar hero Ian Moss has described Billy as playing “like Stevie Ray Vaughan on steroids!”Great accolades from the legends themselves!! So what can people expect from a Billy TK Jnr show? Billy says ‘ The best thing to say is they can expect to hear some passionate and powerful blues guitar playing of the electric kind’!Billy’s 3rd album is due out for release in Australia and New Zealand in September and October followed by national tours.

Barbara Blue



BB.. The Reigning Queen of Beale Street delivers the blues with awakening emotional strength and satisfaction guaranteed to rock your soul. Performing around the world for the past 35 years and on Beale Street 5 nights a week for 15 years you gotta getcha some!!!

Jim Conway’s Big Wheel

Blues / Jump


Big Wheel boasts an absolute all-star line up of musicians who share Jim Conway’s passion for Blues, Jump and Swing. These uniquely talented and stylistically distinctive musicians are drawing from a wide source of influences: collectively they exhibit an instantaneous and uncanny empathy.

Dave Tice and Mark Evans

Rock, Blues, Punk


Buffalo’s Dave Tice vocals power his performance of his cross genre rock, punk and blues while partner in crime former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans drives his Gibson acoustic guitar adding his Rock’n’Roll roots into the rhythm of this hard-edged duo.

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson



This dynamic duo are a unique combination that have skilfully blended the music of the hill country / delta blues with old time folk and as a result they are established as firm festival favourites on the international circuit. Stuningly powerful, raw and exciting, addictive, original and very cool !

Darren Jack Hammond Trio



Darren Jack continues to re-ignite rock ‘n’ blues fans at venues with his powerhouse Hammond Trio. The bands performance live exudes emotion and a feel for every note, beat and rhythm emanating from the stage. You can feel the enjoyment the band is having, performing live.

Sam Cutler


Throughout his rock and roll career, Sam Cutler was responsible for organizing some of the largest rock and roll shows in history outside of Woodstock including The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, the Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 tour and the Dead’s participation in the Festival Express train tour across Canada.

Dave Tice Band


Dave Tice has reignited song writing with his four on the floor rock n blues band. Performing a spate pub gigs around Sydney the band are set to light the stage at Sydney’s Blues and Roots Festival.

Dr Dons Double Dose



Don Hopkins, piano and vocals with Rob Grosser, drums and percussion. Their music draws from the rich vein of blues and jazz of the 1920s and 30s through to the R&B, soul and gospel sounds of the 1950s and 60s with an emphasis on the New Orleans, piano styles and songs.

Nat Col & The Kings

Blues, Roots and Rock


Nat Col & the Kings is the combination of guitarist Nathan Cavaleri and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman. Two individually amazing artists, from very different musical backgrounds, it’s clear that together as NC&TK, Nathan and Col are making their own rules as they continue to grow their own style and sound.

Claude Hay

Blues & Roots

Hailing from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, award-winning Australian solo artist Claude Hay blends slide guitar, sitar, bass and electronic percussion in a unique loop-driven performance. The resulting sound invokes the best of stomping traditional blues and booty-shaking funk, all delivered with chops to burn and a vocal range to match.

Microwave Jenny


Microwave Jenny is indigenous, Australian duo Tessa Nuku and Brendon Boney. With a name that stems from classic Aussie film “The Castle”, Microwave Jenny’s genre-defying style is determined to bring fun and optimism back to the Australian musical landscape.

Ashleigh Mannix


Starting as a young musician, this soul songstress has had unique experiences touring around the world. Along the way Ashleigh has found herself part of a diverse family of musicians who she has been proud to work with on various tours, festivals and collaboration project.

Minnie Marks

Indie Blues


Minnie’s fresh groovy style, showmanship and fearless obsession towards her music is pushing the limits of her guitar, vocals and performance to new levels. While being compared to John Butler by punters her performances are like a pack of fruit tingles being thrown into a bottle of coke.

Pete Cornelius



No stranger to Aussie blues fans, Pete Cornelius has gone through some phases over his 11 year career. Originally a hard hitting Texas blues man, playing Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, Pete’s song writing and performances have evolved a new groove, while remaining true to his blues roots.

8 Ball Aitken



8 Ball Aitken’s new live swamp-blues album ‘Alive In Tamworth’ is out now. Rocking more than 200 gigs a year across Australia and overseas, 8 Ball Aitken rattles the roof, stomps the planks, and gets his audiences whooping and hollering along in a frenzy of fun.
CD Baby

Mojo Juju

Early Blues, Boogie, Noir

Mojo Juju sings songs that sound like that night you can’t remember, in that bar you swear you weren’t at, with that girl you promise you’ve never met. Influenced & inspired by bump & grind, truck stops and cheap motels, there’s definitely something dark, dirty and seductive lurking in these sounds.

8 Ball Aitken Website
Reverb Nation

Blind Lemon


Deriving elements from the earthy sounds of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s blues masters, the magic of ‘90’s & current crop of successful blues and roots artists, soulful feel of ‘60’s and ‘70’s British blues and a new twist on electric harmonica to make your ears prick up.
They are taking it a step up and to the left.

The Mason Rack Band

blues /rock / alternate.


From humble beginnings, Mason ”it started as a weekend thing playing bongo’s with my father, Billy Rack”. ‘Now , the Mason Rack Band plays major festivals and tours internationally… why ? ”Our show is different, and it’s a SHOW, we have solos,drum extravaganzas, and a new ”RED HAT”
segment that is adults only”. It is a full show alright, jaw dropping, and
absolutely wonderful, with a minimum of sixteen festivals this year so far, the future is a promising one for ”MRB” . The release of their new HD dvd is a testimony to their exceptional talent and road tested work ethic.


Glenn Cardier and the Sideshow


Glenn Cardier has taken his crack touring band the Sideshow into Sydney’s legendary
Alberts Studio to record Stranger Than Fiction. Released in May 2012, the CD
immediately became ABC’s album of the week and picked up a 4-star review in the
Australian. Come see what all the fuss is about!


roots/folk rock/blues


Two years, four hundred shows and thousands of CDs are in the hands of punters all over the country. BENJALU are seeing venues becoming more crowded and the sing alongs getting louder at their live energetic shows, while clocking more kilometres then most people could ever imagine.

Lloyd Spiegel Duo

Blues rock

With 9 albums, a swag of awards and 21 years on tour around the world, Lloyd Spiegel has fit more into 33 years than many do in a lifetime. That unique experience has seen him become one of the most recognized blues artists and most highly respected guitarists in Australia.

The Lazys



Australian rock band The Lazys are hitting the road once again in support of their brand new EP, ‘Temptation Never Liked You’.Aiming to capture their unique raw sound, the band mixed things up and decided to record ‘Temptation Never Liked You’ at popular Newtown music venue Notes Live. The project was then given to Matt Lovell (Silverchair, Cold Chisel, Eskimo Joe, INXS) who established the perfect balance between a band tracking in a studio and one belting their tunes out on stage.Since 2007 the band has been touring their iconic rock show around the country, giving their fans and punters a blast! Circa 2011 and The Lazys have drawn on their honesty and angst to deliver another strong release, and like any good Australian rock band should, continue to work it live, lead from the front and rock hard!

The Widowbirds

Roots, rock

The Widowbirds were born in late 2010 calling of heart for long term brothers in arms and co-writers Simon Meli and Tony Kvesic. Living in the inspirations of Otis Redding, Frankie Miller, The Band and Neil Young, The Widowbirds deliver a soulfulness and truth, long missed in today’s music.

Marshall OKell



The Australian music scene has a long history of uncovering phenomenal talent and the occasional larrikin. Marshall Okell is one man who embodies both attributes. Back performing under his own name in 2012, Marshall Okell will be bringing a new band and new sound to audiences all over the world.

Genevieve Chadwick


With her smoky, vivacious vocals, gutsy stage presence, outstanding guitar work and a cache of superlative original material, Genevieve Chadwick is an extraordinary live performer. Catching attention at last years festival, three headliners in a row invited her up on stage including Ash Grunwald and The Baby Animals.

Face Book

Who Work’s For Australian Music And Entertainment Scene ? – By Tom McLeod.

Brod’s Wonderin’ Too !

There has been a lot of speculation as to who actually work’s for AMES of late. Let me put all the unfounded accusation’s to rest. I work for AMES … no one else. Very few have the time or experience too ! Some Musician’s have volunteered their services (whenever they have some available) such as Louise Hughes (ex-“Party Girls” – Currently playing with “Bluesmother”) and Linda King Louise’s Partner in “Bluesmother.” They Sub-edit the “Industry Only Networking Group.”

This “Industry Only” Networking Group is by either application (in which we do a check before we give you admission) or by invitation. It is a self-help Group in which Industry Professional’s can Network with each other, to find their needs. Work, Management, Grant Information, Promotional Information, APRA / AMCOS Information … in fact anything can be found amongst the members in the Network. All you have to do is ask … Fan’s have been isolated from this Group so that Industry people won’t be hampered by their interference.

This is what AMES is all about … Fellowship and Mentor-ship. Recently in Queensland, people defamed a Musician because of an alleged Association with me. I was recently one of 4 Judges In The BASEQ Memphis Blues Challenge. This person was in no way employed by me at anytime. I employ no one.

I lose money doing what I do ! That is why I have a sole trader ABN so I can claim expenses back and not have to charge the Musician’s anything for all the work I do for them. I have never at anytime paid a wage to anyone and I am totally responsible for my own action’s.

Also if you like AMES on Facebook, Facebook will give you an automatic option, it generally says something like ;

“Australian Music and Entertainment Scene says you work together.”

Then it gives you the option to approve or deny ! Over 3,000 Industry People have AMES on their page as their “works for” because of this automatic option.

The TRUTH is I am AMES ! I work for you, the people in the Music and Entertainment Industry. I only have Supporters Industry Wide, and a World Wide Coverage. This was initiated to give Australian Musician’s more opportunities in their own Country. (Which I have done)

As I wrote earlier today some people have a view, but are too blind to see the world beyond the Horizon. Unfortunately this applies to some people I have dealt with recently in Brisbane. If you want to be a hero in your own mind, by all means drop all your aspiration’s and follow these sad people around in their own private small world. If you would like to be the best you can be, look beyond the horizon.

Tom McLeod

“The AMES Industry Only Network Policy”

” AMES ” is a Networking Group for the Australian Music & Entertainment Industry only. By gathering together in one place we all have become a powerful force.

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We (AMES) have Media Information and Fan Pages on most Social Networks. If artists posts a link or playlist we might invite them to join our Industry Only Networking Group. From there we will promote you on our 10 Internationally Synched Sites. For Free !

“AMES” is devoted to the encouragement of Australian Artists. We encourage Fellowship and Mentor-ship within these Networks. Artists might well find the help they need amongst their peer’s in here.

“AMES” finds and offers Artists opportunities on its pages. They may – or may not, decide to take up these opportunities. We try to check out all it’s contributors by ABN and APRA / AMCOS numbers before posting. Unfortunately some unscrupulous opportunist’s sometimes slip by.

A good rule of thumb is to never to expect something for free. Also make sure that you know who you are dealing with. You would not be acting professional if you didn’t know.

We ( AMES ) offer you the opportunites. However, we can not be held responsible for your actions, or for those by the persons you might choose to apply to through its pages.

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The “Industry Only” Networking Group is Run by Louise Hughes. (former “Party Girls” current “Bluesmother”) This year is the 6th year of AMES and the Database of Australian Musicians has grown incredibly. We have been able to help Artists, Entertainers, Promoters, Managers, Production personnel … in fact anyone within the Industry because we have been able to consolidate them in one place and direct them appropriately when we are asked for help.

Good Luck Everyone !

Tom McLeod

(Australian Music and Entertainment Scene.)

“The Short Fall” – ‘Make A Move’ (On The Big Time !)


Vocals & Guitar


Guitar & Vocals





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“The Short Fall” – ‘Make A Move’ (On The Big Time !)

One of the most impressive Bands I came across recently in The Brisbane “Sound Waves” experience was “The Short Fall”. These guy’s were in a Line Up Showcasing Regional Queensland Bands. The Brothers Angelo and Ryan have been playing together for such a long time it is instinctive to them … and such a pleasure to watch !
During this Acoustic Set they were totally at ease with their Instruments. They exchanged playing Acoustic Lead and Rhythm between each other catching the others’ prompts effortlessly. The harmonies they produce are perfect and such a treat to hear. These days it is common for a Band to over-ride their own inadequate Vocal’s with Instrumental Volume.
This is not the case with “The Short Fall” however ! No one could ever accuse these guy’s of being inadequate on any of their instruments, which includes their well structured Vocal abilities. The Mix was perfect as well, every instrument could be heard. Which was impressive because it helped to showcase the Band.
Each member of the Band knew when to pull back and when to take a lead. There were only 3 members present on this particular Showcase night, the Brothers Ryan and Angelo Conway, as well as the Drummer / Percussionist from Busby Marou DJ Syme. Who they borrowed for the night.
This Band was filled with highlight’s and it wasn’t just the Conway Brother’s that had control of them. DJ sat on his Beat Box with minimal self-styled percussion instruments surrounding him, maintaining a perfect symbiotic relationship with the 2 Acoustic Guitars.
Every musician there was totally impressed with what DJ achieved on his minimalist rhythm kit ! On one occasion he took a  Solo during a Song and it was definitely a highlight of the night !
These guy’s are from Rockhampton and like Busby Marou are bound to become favoured Australian Son’s from Rural Queensland.
Tom McLeod
(Australian Music and Entertainment Scene.)

The Short Fall

Fresh from recording their new EP in Byron Bay with producer, Anthony Lycenko (BusbyMarou, Pete Murray, Elvis Costello), the The Short Fall are keen to show off the fruits of their hard work. With a new, more mature sound drawing from influences such as Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, City & Colour, Boy & Bear, and The Temper Trap, The Short Fall’s record, ‘Make a Move’ is a unique blend of alternative indie folk and rock.

Led by brothers Angelo & Ryan Conway, the aptly named ‘Make a Move’ EP, signals a shift towards a more mature sound, and a preparation to move beyond the borders of their home town in Rockhampton, Queensland.

‘Make a Move’ contains 5 beautifully crafted songs, showcasing the Conway brother’s talents for vocal harmonies and guitar playing. The record kick starts with the punchy, upbeat and infectiously catchy ‘Maybe We’re Losing’, before pulling back into the mellow and dreamy title track ‘Make a Move’. The third track ‘The Meadow’ is a hauntingly beautiful acoustic song that captures the feelings of regret and helplessness in a love-gone-wrong. The brothers describe ‘Hide and Seek’ as having the perfect build, growing layer by layer from a singular acoustic guitar and vocal, to a sweepingly epic crescendo, while the final track ‘Take what’s left of me’ is an acoustic love song that will send you on your way with a smile on your face.

Make A Move

by The Short Fall

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The Meadow 03:44

DALLAS FRASCA – New Film Clip & Be My Princess!!

Howdy folkaroonies….

                                Well it sure has been a crazy six inspiring, adrenaline rushing months of releasing our latest album Sound Painter around Australia, feels like a dream…

 From New York , to India, from The Himalaya’s in Nepal, to top of Lake Mountain in Victoria zooming with the band on flying foxes, from the Sydney Opera House, to the middle of the desert in Australia singing with

the greatest up and coming indigenous female Desert Divas, to launching Bob Irwin’s new wildlife foundation with the one and only Slash from Guns N’ Roses, from coming 3rd in the AAA category of the International Songwriting Competition judged by Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Waits and Tori Amos to supporting the The Tea Party, from the East to the West coast of Australia and to the thousands of amazing people we have come across at our shows and shared the love with… I really feel like we are only just warming up and I thank you all for the opportunity.
Our final show of the tour is approaching fast and we have really saved the best for last in home town Melbourne at The Prince of Wales – St Kilda on Oct 12th!! – TICKETS HERE 
We have got a super awesome offer for the people who have already purchase tickets for the show can fill in a simple online form to go in the draw to win one of 10 plus one VIP passes to a ‘meet and greet’ and our Prince Of Wales sound check during the day of the show.. To top it off our super awesome friends from Coopers will be providing the lucky winners with 4 slabs of beer to party with and food for the arvo to rev up for the show that night!! How to you enter you ask? Click here for all the details.
So the big day has arrived and from the bottom of our hearts we would like to put a big shout out to all involved in our brand new clip, ANYTHING LEFT TO WONDER – Thank you to Tetris Studios, Hobo Hifi, Scott Major, Jereme Clingan, Claire Varley, Coopers, Pete ‘Spud’ O’Leary, Mia Durance, Nataliue Harker, Heapsaflash and our incredibly supportive fans who moshed their hearts out n the day and the massive high fives to the super awesome crew from Tangent Media (Josh Meney) who filmed / directed and edited our new clip, “Anything Left To Wonder”…

ENJOY and spread the love guys… xx See you all at the Prince for big hugs xxxx
Other gigs round the corner…………..
SEP 13th – BIGSOUND – Mustang Bar – 9:40pm, Brisbane, QLD
OCT 12 – Prince Of Wales – w/ El MothRick Steward & Ben Smith Band, St Kilda, VIC
OCT 19th – Backwater Blues & Roots Festival – Adelaide, SA
NOV 2/3rd – Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival – Wangaratta, VIC
NOV 10th – Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival –  Bendigo, VIC
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