Tom McLeod – Everything You Never Wanted To Know !

At The Manhattan Club, Martin Place Sydney.
A Benefit Organised by “The Underground Blues Jam” (Frank Macias)
For The Queensland Flood Victims.

Click On The Link To Go There Now !

Click On The Link To Go There Now !

Tom McLeod.

In the early 1970’s I was a regular sight on Sydney’s City Street’s busking for my living. Naturally, along the way I met other Musician’s and played many gig’s in many forgettable Band’s.

Along the way I became part of the Folk Federation and The Sydney Blues Society. Though my Association with the Folk and Blues fraternity in Sydney I joined a Team of like minded people determined to help Music prosper. This team started the Fabled “Elizabeth Hotel Folk & Blues Club.” (The ‘Liz) Which they ran for over 6 years. During that time I also helped run Blues & Folk Festivals in Victoria for both the Folk Federation and Blues Society. I also organised events in other Venues in and around the inner City area of Sydney.

Some of the Artists regularly appearing at “The ‘Liz” were … Tommy & Phil Emmanuel, Alex (Moving Pictures) & Dave Smith, Kirk Lor’ange, Glen Cardier, Dutch Tilders, Al Ward and Dan Johnson, Hokum Ensemble, etc …

Eventually I was drawn to Community Access Radio. It was an exiting time, as Fm was very much still in it’s infancy. Fm was a frequency unknown and unavailable to most people then. It was the during this time Australia first heard Stereophonic Radio.

The Institute of Technology provided me with my training in Radio Presentation and Panel Operation at their newly opened Community access Radio Station 2ser-FM. I also trained as a Journalist with The Sydney Institute of Technology during this time. Needing to support myself I went on to write for Ram, Juke, Rolling Stone and dozens of other Street press magazines. In those days Street Press Magazines were everywhere, because the “Live Music Scene” in Sydney was Rampant ! Most disappeared as fast as they were initiated and were generally funded by the University Press. But they still had to make money, and if they didn’t they disappeared !

During my time at 2ser through sheer persistence, I managed to interview every major International Band coming through Sydney. It was a good time, because music was played by Musician’s not machines. My efforts did not go unnoticed either, just like my colleagues from 2ser, Ian Rogerson, Jon Vidler and Jill Emberson, I came to the attention of  2 Double Jay ! These were the day’s when Double Jay was an AM Radio Station, it’s insignia of an “Exploding Head” between headphones was recognisable evrywhere. 20 year’s later they re-released the design, it is still one of the most loved Insignia’s of all time.

I was initially hired by Chris Winter and Tom Zelenka to search the Archives of Double J and create sound capsule’s of all their interviews over the prior 10 years. This was to help them in their Double celebration of 10 year’s on Air and, going from the AM frequency to the FM frequency. Double Jay was becoming Triple J !!! Rather than just having a NSW coverage, their coverage was now expanding to a National Audience.

I stayed with the ABC for 10 years and worked in many different Areas. Producer / Presenter Radio, Radio Publicty, TV Scheduling, TV Sound, ABC Film Sound, Projection and Editing etc…

After leaving the ABC during the demonic reign of David Hill I decided to go back to study. I studied Sociology, (Majoring in “American Music and It’s Popular Cultures.”),  Psychology, (Majoring in Challenging Behaviours) and Philosophy.

For 15 years I worked in Mental Health, Disabilities and as a Court Appointed Advocate for Socially Disadvantaged people. After all that time dealing with other people’s problems I finally decided it was time to heal myself. I went back to Music for the cure,  for as we all know music is the universal healer. Catching up with old friends in a Cafe’ in Sydney and discussing the state of the music scene , I decided to create the Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. (AMES)

AMES is based on the the “Pass It Forward” principle of helping other’s. (If they are deserving of your help) It is an institution of Fellowship and Mentor-ship. AMES has 3 1/2  to 5 1/2 million viewer’s each month Worldwide on it’s combined network of 10 pages. All pages are linked to the editing page.  If you post to AMES and I approve it, it is instantly sent out to 10 other pages Worldwide. This gives the Australian Artist a broader audience gaining International recognition for their music. And, an opportunity to increase Digital sales.

AMES also has an Industry Only Network where Industry people can offer or ask for help and find it. If help is slow in coming I usually source the Data Base and act as an middle man for the Artist. AMES is constantly providing work, Grant Information, Work Shop information, APRA / AMCOS advice and Opportunities for Musician’s and Entertainers from all genres.

AMES has also produced a Compilation Album of Unsigned Artists from it’s membership with the help of Asher Christophers from Austep Music. The CD was Mastered by Aria Award winning Producer Daniel Fournier.

“AMES Unsigned and Original” – Austep Music Volume 5.”

Buy it Here !!!


AMES is getting bigger everyday and my role has expanded to Entertainment Consultant / Publisher / Promoter.

(And Part-Time Musician … Mainly in my own time with friend’s and close colleagues.)

I work  for the Musician’s and Artists in the Industry.  I’m a firm believer in their right to be heard and be recognised in their own Country.  I am also an Advocate for Musician’s / Artists rights and will always stand up for those that fear repercussions upon themselves.  My success exposing corrupt practices in the past have been controversial at times. Some cases you might be aware off. I hate bullies and thieves ! I charge the Artists nothing for my services and keep the compiled evidence anonymous at all times. Some Musician’s call me “The Sheriff”, some corrupt Promoter’s call me “The Sydney Cowboy !” … I find that amusing.

Tom McLeod.


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