“Zeebz Vs. Miss Vitula.”


Zeebz vs. Miss Vitula are a melodious duo who produce an unexpected combination; luminous at times and mysteriously dark on occasions, creating a unique characteristic within their music. Their live presence is established through the use of various loop and effects pedals creating shaded tones, aiding in a full robust sound.

Their debut album ‘No Pain, No Gain’, due to be released June 2012 is a true capture of their skills. The album features 9 original tracks about life and world issues through the eyes of ‘Zeebz’ and a soulful rendition of Bill Withers hit ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. Miss Vitula, a chivalrous young lady takes a singing violin into the haunting dark depths and back to realization with melodic, harmonious melodies; all the while capturing her uncanny ability to harmonise with Zeebz’s guitar and vocal melodies setting off an inoculation of emotions. With the use of slide and alternative tunings on an array of 12 and 6 string guitars; Zeebz’s attributes shine through via numerous solos and guitar licks, supporting the depths of his song writing. Professionals in their field, this release portrays the duo’s abilities in their finest form.

Newcomers to the scene, they are not. The pair have played together frequently throughout the last 3 years as part of Zeebz’s solo project and in the Queensland based group, ‘Whyte Zebra’. During this time they have accomplished a number of achievements, including receiving two music related government arts grants, performing on Channel 7’s TV show Queensland Weekender, recording and producing two independent albums, and hosting various song writing and guitar workshops. They have also supported a number of nationally renowned artists at a variety of festivals and shows.

Musicians at times, like Zebras, can blend into the herd, but each bears it owns distinctiveness; in the uniqueness of a zebras stripes and the originality of an artist’s music, individuality is found. With Zeebz and Vitula, we hear a stealthy mix of roots, folk and rock; forming a unique and original, entertaining sound, and it’s with this sound that they distinguishes themselves from the herd.

Zeebz and Miss Vitula are currently on Tour in Canada.

No Pain, No Gain

And the ball is rolling! “No Pain No Gain” has been released on ITunes and other good digital outlets.

"No Pain, No Gain" - Debut Album

“No Pain, No Gain” – Debut Album

$12.00 AUD

Debut album “No Pain, No Gain” from “Zeebz vs. Miss Vitula”. Features 10 tracks including a soulful rendition of Bill Withers – ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ Click here for a preview. undefined Price includes postage (within Australia).


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