“The Mojo Bluesmen”- ‘Giving ‘Em Back Their Mojo !!’ – By Comet Egan.

Mojo Bluesmen
Genre:                             Roots, Indie                            Region:                             North Coast, NSW                            Members: Kiam Adcock and Tim Everett

Sounds Like: Black Keys, Ash Grunwald, Sea Sick Steve
Influences: Sonny Terry, Black Keys, Ash Grunwald
Artist Website: www.mojobluesmen.com
MOJO BLUESMEN are the real dea l!
They live in their van & tour the country delivering their raw style of dirty powerhouse blues wherever they find an audience. You will find them anywhere from a street corner busking – to the stages of some Australia’s leading music festivals.
Comprising of two of the county’s most brilliant blues musicians, Kiam Adcock (impromptu vocals and harmonica) and Tim Everett (slide guitar, stomp box and fuel can) joined forces back in January 2007. Tim, who was travelling around Australia, stopped into Port Macquarie were Kiam was busking with his harmonica. Tim threw Kiam $20, told him he played a bit of blues guitar and asked if wanted to jump in for the ride… and so, MOJO BLUESMEN was born.
Since forming, MB have clocked up over 1500 busking gigs and sold in excess of 10,000 CD’s. Drawing influence from ‘old school blues’ artists such as Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry, Robert Johnson – along with more contemporary acts such as Ash Grunwald, Dallas Frasca, The Fumes, Marshall and Chase the Sun, MB say they find inspiration for their music in “anything with some fucking feeling !”.
Although MB have primarily been a busking act, they have also had the honour of sharing the bill with music icons such as Bob Dylan, BB King, ZZ Top, CW Stoneking, Jeff Lang, Tony Joe White, Xavier Rudd to name a few. They have secured a place at Byron Bay’s East Coast Blues and Roots Festival for 2 years running and also appeared at the Festival of the Sun, Port Macquarie.
The duo have gigged for rival outlaw bikie gangs, remote mining camps and even were resident band at a strip club. In late 2011 Mojo Bluesmen set off on a busking extravaganza of the USA. Covering 12 states in 2 months of non-stop Blues, they made their way from San Francisco to Santiago stopping in a New Orleans and Nashville. Now back on home soil, Mojo Bluesmen continue to expand on their musical experience as they continue on their musical journey.
“Mojo Bluesmen” – triple J Unearthed Playlist.
“The Mojo Bluesmen”
‘Giving ‘Em Back Their Mojo !!’
By Comet Egan.
I’m on a mission to raise enough money to help friends of mine, The Mojo Bluesmen (Tim Everrett & Kiam Adcock).  Tim had a near fatal car accident last year and one of the band members has cerebral palsy (Kiam).  Due to the accident, The Mojo Bluesmen are struggling to get to get back on the road.
I am appealing to businesses’ to donate money for a Band Van to get them back on the road. Kiam need’s the road to keep him functioning. Living his dream of playing gig’s and being a part of society, instead of being treated as someone with a disability. If you met Kiam you would know that the music he plays is amazing. The words he sings are awesome and until he has to get up and walk around, you wouldn’t think Kiam was any different to anyone else.
(He got arrested in the U.S as the cops thought he was drunk ?? He wasn’t drunk, he was being himself, with Cerebral Palsy).

Everything From This Day Foward Is A Bonus !!

After The Band Van Crash.

The guys are rather well known on the circuit, they have just finished recording music to the upcoming “Houso’s”. The money they get from this helps with Kiams medical needs and Tim (guitarist and Kiam’s support) since the accident helps pay all his medical and bills received since the accident. (They were non existent for 4 months while Tim went through some serious recovery, operations and pain).
The Band Van I am wanting to get them is going to cost between $5500 and $8000, I know it doesnt sound much but it is to them. The idea is, anyone who donates money from their business or a personal dontation that helps get the guys back on the road will have their business name or personal name airbrushed on the van as a sponsor so its like free advertising and a BIG thankyou at the same time.
Tim has also offered your business or personal name as a credit on their upcoming new CD as an additional thankyou to your donation. The guys travel from the QLD to the NSW/VIC/SA border regularly and live between the north and mid coast of NSW. We would appreciate it if you all would consider helping us out with this cause, it would be more than appreciated and a cause that is worth being a part of.
Please think about what you can do for this band, check out their website and think every $1 does count to giving someone with a disability to enjoy life, while in return we get to enjoy their music.
Please check out their Facebook page and if you want to see more, please check out their website:
If you’d like to listen to a few of their tunes (Kiam singing and playing his beloved harmonica) head to this website, you’ll love it ! http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=248090#audio
If you would like details on how to donate or be a sponsor, please inbox Myself at its.nae@gmail.com and I will pass on information.

Westpac Account Name: Renae Egan
BSB# 735303 …

ACC# 767919
Deposit reference is MOJO.
And if you could keep a copy of your deposit receipt for your personal reference, that would be great. Also, we are mailing special little thankyou’s to people so if you would like to be included in this could you please email me your postal address. its.nae@gmail Your address will be kept private.
Thanks again,
And please everyone…..anything would help.
Comet 🙂


Mojo Bluesmen.

We do like a little challenge ! So we’re gunna do battle with some of the best Blues acts in Q’ld for the prize of a paid trip to Memphis USA to compete for world dominance in the International Blues Challenge.
We are good friends and big fans of alot of these acts but war is war and if we gotta kneecap or cut fingers off a couple of these guys in the carpark before the gig its nothing personal just showbiz 🙂
1 thing is sure- its gunna be a great day of entertainment so get your tix and support aussie blues, see ya there !!


5 thoughts on ““The Mojo Bluesmen”- ‘Giving ‘Em Back Their Mojo !!’ – By Comet Egan.

  1. Great guys, great support & putting it out there. Tim is a long time old friend. My hubby had an accident that’s left him disabled…. he recorded with the guys at Studio 301 for Houso’s and will be recording with them again for their new CD. We aren’t in a position to donate dollars for the new van at this point in our lives (but we do donate regularly to the guys by providing an open home, place to stay, jam, sleep, eat & all that goes with accomodation and family every time they’re in town)
    I will repost and share this with all the businesses and music lovers I know to try and help out!

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