Tom McLeod – Everything You Never Wanted To Know !

At The Manhattan Club, Martin Place Sydney.
A Benefit Organised by “The Underground Blues Jam” (Frank Macias)
For The Queensland Flood Victims.

Click On The Link To Go There Now !

Click On The Link To Go There Now !

Tom McLeod.

In the early 1970’s I was a regular sight on Sydney’s City Street’s busking for my living. Naturally, along the way I met other Musician’s and played many gig’s in many forgettable Band’s.

Along the way I became part of the Folk Federation and The Sydney Blues Society. Though my Association with the Folk and Blues fraternity in Sydney I joined a Team of like minded people determined to help Music prosper. This team started the Fabled “Elizabeth Hotel Folk & Blues Club.” (The ‘Liz) Which they ran for over 6 years. During that time I also helped run Blues & Folk Festivals in Victoria for both the Folk Federation and Blues Society. I also organised events in other Venues in and around the inner City area of Sydney.

Some of the Artists regularly appearing at “The ‘Liz” were … Tommy & Phil Emmanuel, Alex (Moving Pictures) & Dave Smith, Kirk Lor’ange, Glen Cardier, Dutch Tilders, Al Ward and Dan Johnson, Hokum Ensemble, etc …

Eventually I was drawn to Community Access Radio. It was an exiting time, as Fm was very much still in it’s infancy. Fm was a frequency unknown and unavailable to most people then. It was the during this time Australia first heard Stereophonic Radio.

The Institute of Technology provided me with my training in Radio Presentation and Panel Operation at their newly opened Community access Radio Station 2ser-FM. I also trained as a Journalist with The Sydney Institute of Technology during this time. Needing to support myself I went on to write for Ram, Juke, Rolling Stone and dozens of other Street press magazines. In those days Street Press Magazines were everywhere, because the “Live Music Scene” in Sydney was Rampant ! Most disappeared as fast as they were initiated and were generally funded by the University Press. But they still had to make money, and if they didn’t they disappeared !

During my time at 2ser through sheer persistence, I managed to interview every major International Band coming through Sydney. It was a good time, because music was played by Musician’s not machines. My efforts did not go unnoticed either, just like my colleagues from 2ser, Ian Rogerson, Jon Vidler and Jill Emberson, I came to the attention of  2 Double Jay ! These were the day’s when Double Jay was an AM Radio Station, it’s insignia of an “Exploding Head” between headphones was recognisable evrywhere. 20 year’s later they re-released the design, it is still one of the most loved Insignia’s of all time.

I was initially hired by Chris Winter and Tom Zelenka to search the Archives of Double J and create sound capsule’s of all their interviews over the prior 10 years. This was to help them in their Double celebration of 10 year’s on Air and, going from the AM frequency to the FM frequency. Double Jay was becoming Triple J !!! Rather than just having a NSW coverage, their coverage was now expanding to a National Audience.

I stayed with the ABC for 10 years and worked in many different Areas. Producer / Presenter Radio, Radio Publicty, TV Scheduling, TV Sound, ABC Film Sound, Projection and Editing etc…

After leaving the ABC during the demonic reign of David Hill I decided to go back to study. I studied Sociology, (Majoring in “American Music and It’s Popular Cultures.”),  Psychology, (Majoring in Challenging Behaviours) and Philosophy.

For 15 years I worked in Mental Health, Disabilities and as a Court Appointed Advocate for Socially Disadvantaged people. After all that time dealing with other people’s problems I finally decided it was time to heal myself. I went back to Music for the cure,  for as we all know music is the universal healer. Catching up with old friends in a Cafe’ in Sydney and discussing the state of the music scene , I decided to create the Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. (AMES)

AMES is based on the the “Pass It Forward” principle of helping other’s. (If they are deserving of your help) It is an institution of Fellowship and Mentor-ship. AMES has 3 1/2  to 5 1/2 million viewer’s each month Worldwide on it’s combined network of 10 pages. All pages are linked to the editing page.  If you post to AMES and I approve it, it is instantly sent out to 10 other pages Worldwide. This gives the Australian Artist a broader audience gaining International recognition for their music. And, an opportunity to increase Digital sales.

AMES also has an Industry Only Network where Industry people can offer or ask for help and find it. If help is slow in coming I usually source the Data Base and act as an middle man for the Artist. AMES is constantly providing work, Grant Information, Work Shop information, APRA / AMCOS advice and Opportunities for Musician’s and Entertainers from all genres.

AMES has also produced a Compilation Album of Unsigned Artists from it’s membership with the help of Asher Christophers from Austep Music. The CD was Mastered by Aria Award winning Producer Daniel Fournier.

“AMES Unsigned and Original” – Austep Music Volume 5.”

Buy it Here !!!


AMES is getting bigger everyday and my role has expanded to Entertainment Consultant / Publisher / Promoter.

(And Part-Time Musician … Mainly in my own time with friend’s and close colleagues.)

I work  for the Musician’s and Artists in the Industry.  I’m a firm believer in their right to be heard and be recognised in their own Country.  I am also an Advocate for Musician’s / Artists rights and will always stand up for those that fear repercussions upon themselves.  My success exposing corrupt practices in the past have been controversial at times. Some cases you might be aware off. I hate bullies and thieves ! I charge the Artists nothing for my services and keep the compiled evidence anonymous at all times. Some Musician’s call me “The Sheriff”, some corrupt Promoter’s call me “The Sydney Cowboy !” … I find that amusing.

Tom McLeod.

“Zeebz Vs. Miss Vitula.”


Zeebz vs. Miss Vitula are a melodious duo who produce an unexpected combination; luminous at times and mysteriously dark on occasions, creating a unique characteristic within their music. Their live presence is established through the use of various loop and effects pedals creating shaded tones, aiding in a full robust sound.

Their debut album ‘No Pain, No Gain’, due to be released June 2012 is a true capture of their skills. The album features 9 original tracks about life and world issues through the eyes of ‘Zeebz’ and a soulful rendition of Bill Withers hit ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. Miss Vitula, a chivalrous young lady takes a singing violin into the haunting dark depths and back to realization with melodic, harmonious melodies; all the while capturing her uncanny ability to harmonise with Zeebz’s guitar and vocal melodies setting off an inoculation of emotions. With the use of slide and alternative tunings on an array of 12 and 6 string guitars; Zeebz’s attributes shine through via numerous solos and guitar licks, supporting the depths of his song writing. Professionals in their field, this release portrays the duo’s abilities in their finest form.

Newcomers to the scene, they are not. The pair have played together frequently throughout the last 3 years as part of Zeebz’s solo project and in the Queensland based group, ‘Whyte Zebra’. During this time they have accomplished a number of achievements, including receiving two music related government arts grants, performing on Channel 7’s TV show Queensland Weekender, recording and producing two independent albums, and hosting various song writing and guitar workshops. They have also supported a number of nationally renowned artists at a variety of festivals and shows.

Musicians at times, like Zebras, can blend into the herd, but each bears it owns distinctiveness; in the uniqueness of a zebras stripes and the originality of an artist’s music, individuality is found. With Zeebz and Vitula, we hear a stealthy mix of roots, folk and rock; forming a unique and original, entertaining sound, and it’s with this sound that they distinguishes themselves from the herd.

Zeebz and Miss Vitula are currently on Tour in Canada.

No Pain, No Gain

And the ball is rolling! “No Pain No Gain” has been released on ITunes and other good digital outlets.

"No Pain, No Gain" - Debut Album

“No Pain, No Gain” – Debut Album

$12.00 AUD

Debut album “No Pain, No Gain” from “Zeebz vs. Miss Vitula”. Features 10 tracks including a soulful rendition of Bill Withers – ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ Click here for a preview. undefined Price includes postage (within Australia).

“The Memphis Blues Challenge” – (BASEQ 2012 Contenders)

Nominations for the 2012 Memphis Challenge are in. A star studded field will line up this year. The 12 entries read like a “who’s who” of the south-east Queensland blues roster, as well as a couple of names that would be familiar to national festival goers.

The contenders will take the stage on Saturday 1 September from noon at the Mansfield Tavern to play their hearts out for a prize that no amount of money, fame or influence can buy – BASEQ’s nomination as their representative at the 29th International Blues Challenge to be held in the Memphis, Tennessee from 29 January to 2 February, 2013. Beale Street in Memphis is holy ground to any blues fan. BASEQ will also contribute a substantial cash sum to the costs of the winning artists travelling there and back.

The IBC is convened by The Blues Foundation, a Memphis based non-profit corporation which works for the furtherance and preservation of Blues music. Other aspects of their operations include a Blues In Schools program and the HART Fund (Handy Artists Relief Trust) which provides financial assistance for blues musicians and their families afflicted by health problems.


Dee Lavell

Mama Told Me

Personifying soul, passion and charisma, Dee Lavell might be a new name on the Australian soul and blues scene,, but she’s definitely not the new kid on the block. A seasoned performer with more than 25 years experience on stage and in the studio in Australia and the US, Dee has just released her album ‘Mama Told Me’ to widespread critical acclaim.

Recently returning to Australia after 8 years living and working in Los Angeles, Dee has wasted no time making her mark on the Australian scene. Dee has sung in support gigs for big names including Renee Geyer and Cotton Keays & Morris, reunited regularly with members of her former bands “The Honeybees”, “Mother Jive” and performed her own gigs around Northern NSW, where she is currently based.

The songs that Dee is writing now are coming from her heart, experiences in, joy, pain and other life challenges.

Check out Dee’s website and music at

Mike Frost and The Icemen.

Logan City based singer/guitarist Mike Frost and his cool band of Icemen have been regular performers at many blues festivals throughout Australia and New Zealand for a number of years now. Staking out a musical claim that stretches through the middle of the 20th century, the band mines a rich seam from the golden age of American blues. Following the trail of pioneers with colourful names like Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and Hound Dog Taylor, Mike Frost and The Icemen have refined the original Blues of Memphis, Chicago, Houston and L.A.

The result is a dynamic blend of new and old. Original tunes and old favourites, played and sung with respect for the past, but with the drive and enthusiasm needed to entertain a contemporary audience. As well as playing many of SE Qld’s major blues festivals, Mike Frost and The Icemen have found a dedicated audience in New Zealand, with two extensive regional tours followed by three consecutive appearances at the annual Queenstown Jazzfest.

Mojo Bluesmen

Mojo Bluesmen are the real deal !

They live in their van and tour the country delivering their raw style of dirty powerhouse blues wherever they can find an audience. You will find them anywhere from a street corner busking – to the stages of some of Australia’s leading music festivals. As recently as last week they could be seen on the stages of Splendour in the Grass, as well as appearing 2 years in a row at the East Coast Blues & Roots Festival.

As two of the country’s most brilliant blues musicians, Kiam Adcock (impromptu vocals and harmonica) and Tim Everett (slide guitar, stomp box and fuel can) joined forces back in January 2007. Tim, who was travelling around Australia, stopped into Port Macquarie where Kiam was busking with his harmonica. Tim threw Kiam $20, told him he played a bit of blues guitar and asked if wanted to jump in for the ride … and so, MOJO BLUESMEN were born.

Since forming, MB have clocked up over 1500 busking gigs and sold in excess of 10,000 CD’s. The duo has gigged for rival outlaw bikie gangs in remote mining camps, and was even resident band at a strip club. In late 2011, Mojo Bluesmen undertook a busking odyssey of North and South America. Bet your bottom dollar they will be giving everything they’ve got to get back there !

Mojo Bluesmen triple j “Unearthed” Playlist.

Brodie Graham

At the tender age of 20, guitarist-singer Brodie Graham is certainly the youngest performer, but you will soon see that counts for little. Brodie affiliates his utmost passion through blues music and his lack of age is certainly made up for in raw determination and ability.

Having pushed himself to connect to music well before his age bracket and persisting on finding balance between feeling and technicality. These are decisive factors that shape his style. Exciting, expressive and enticing best describes his performances which are filled with traditional blues, funk and soul but brought into a modern context.

Having recently taken out the Royal Mail Hotel’s Anaconda Fest against some sterling opposition, Brodie certainly has form.

Check out Brodie’s website and music at

Devil’s Kiosk

The artists formerly known as Blind Lemon will be making their first appearance under their new moniker. New name, but same blisteringperformers. Their appearance at last year’s Memphis Challenge alsomarked a major turning point for the band as it was one of Toby’sfirst public appearances as a fully-fledged member of the band.

Nothing like getting thrown in at the deep end!! The lineup of Jamie, Harvey, Toby and Grant have now been well settled for over a year, and in that time has shown a rebirth and return to much Bluesier Roots. Rapidly morphing them into one of Australia’s top Blues acts.

No strangers to blues fans throughout most of Australia, and certainly one of the red hot favourites to be heading stateside next January. Their new website can be seen at ;

Mojo Webb (solo)

The frontman for 2011 Memphis Challenge winners, The Mojo Webb Band is back. And this time, it’s personal ! Mojo Webb first picked up a guitar at the age of eight. At the age of fourteen, he discovered the sounds of blues and since then, his lifehas been devoted to playing, studying, and living the blues.

He has matured into a world-class blues performer whose instrumental and vocal prowess, authentic approach and unique stage presence have garnered him multiple awards and legions of fans. Mojo is the possessor of an amazing singing talent, and world class Multi-Instrumentalist. His live solo performances are top shelf Blues experiences, as real and powerful as can be found anywhere.

Mojo controls his stage – imploring, preaching, boasting, and crying the Blues. Over a hundred years of Blues music is channeled through Mojo. His life experiences help him to create music whose honesty and beauty comes from deep within.

Check out Mojo Webb’s  Web Page ! (Did you see that ? Webb, Web … lol)

The Andrew Baxter Band

Passionate and powerful are adjectives commonly used to describe Blues performers. Uptempo, positive and funky are not. However, all these words can be applied to Gold Coast based blues sensation Andrew Baxter.

Drawing from a wide range of influences, Andrew’s performances are very much audience oriented. Whether in solo mode, duo, trio, or with his 12 piece “Blues Extravaganza” show, Andrew’s performances are always aimed at ensuring the audience is entertained and goes home with a smile on their face and a song on their lips.

For the last 2 years Andrew has been passionately committed to promoting shows with other independent musicians. This has led to collaborations with many others in the music community to bring new and different performers together to see what magic can be created.

Mick Diggles

Mick Diggles has toured the Eastern States of Australia for decades, playing city or country, venues large and small.

Mick has been very well received at jam sessions in the UK and USA including London’s original blues bar, “Ain’t Nothin’ But The Blues” and “Buddy Guy’s Legends” in Chicago.

Mick’s 2011 album It’s My Own Blues, containing 13 original works (half recorded in Chicago and half in Australia) is already being well received by listeners and radio presenters alike.

Mick on facebook ;


Having just finished recording their first studio album they are fast gaining a following throughout Brisbane as the ‘new Rock/Blues’ party band to see. Coming from both sides of the world, MooMooPappa has a lifetime of music experience.

Andy has been gigging in bands for 15 years playing guitar upand down the UK before moving to Australia. Darren has been a highly respected bass player in Sydney before moving to the Gold Coast, and Ben has been touring and playing drums with major touring bands throughout Australia for 20 years.

Jamie Mack has toured the UK with various high profile bands before moving to Australia and touring with big name bands like the Choirboys. Peter came to music later in life and has quickly gained a reputation as a no-nonsense rock solid rhythm guitarist.

Check them out on their Reverbnation Page ;

Connor Cleary

Connor Cleary is a guitar slinging, Blues singing, band swinging mofo with the skills to pay the bills. Connor combines the styles of Blues, Jazz and Rock into a tasty meal which sticks to your ribs.

From humble beginnings in a small NSW town, Connor went on to study music with Jim Kelly and jam with Delta Goodrem. Connor’s musical roots run deep, his great Grandmother started Australia’s first all-female jazz orchestra. Growing up he absorbed all the music he could beg, borrow or steal including Irish and Australian Folk music.

Connor has always had a great passion for the Blues. He is now looking to expanding his audience and promote his new E.P Frank. He is currently touring with “The Songs of Haight Ashbury Stage Show”.


RF’s headwaters are found in the unconventional and uncompromising blues styling of local legend Blind Dog Donnie. James (Vocals/guitar) and Alex (drums) spent 4 years backing the Don, submerged in the school of making simple music swing, before taking the plunge into open waters forming RF.

RF firmly believe that blues is not a stagnant pond but a turbulent whirlpool constantly being polluted by new musical elements. Thelast 6 months have seen RF riding the rapids with their new EP in tow, playing weekly gigs at Brisbane’s home of the Blues, TheBoundary Hotel. This enables them to explore the brackish mix of influences that captivate their audience.

RumbleFish facebook Band Page ;!/RumbleFishBlues/app_2405167945

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin has been performing for over 20 years. After completing a Performing Arts course in New Zealand, Tim toured extensively around both islands with great success. After moving to Townsville he quickly established a name for himself as a popular local artist.

Tim has received significant press coverage in the local print media, and local Radio stations have picked up his newest release for broadcast. This exposure has helped cement Tim’s reputation as one of North Queensland’s foremost entertainers.

Moving to Brisbane in 2012, Tim has now recorded his debut album through Black Market Music. It is called “Castle Hill Blues” it features Mark Greig from Aussie Crawl on lead guitar, and was mixed and engineered by Mike Letho.

Go get his Album now from Tim’s Store  !!!!
Australian Music and Entertainment Scene would like to thank the Blues Association of South East Queensland (BASEQ) for the information from their Monthly Newsletter “The Groove” used in this article.
Tom McLeod.


“The Mojo Bluesmen”- ‘Giving ‘Em Back Their Mojo !!’ – By Comet Egan.

Mojo Bluesmen
Genre:                             Roots, Indie                            Region:                             North Coast, NSW                            Members: Kiam Adcock and Tim Everett

Sounds Like: Black Keys, Ash Grunwald, Sea Sick Steve
Influences: Sonny Terry, Black Keys, Ash Grunwald
Artist Website:
MOJO BLUESMEN are the real dea l!
They live in their van & tour the country delivering their raw style of dirty powerhouse blues wherever they find an audience. You will find them anywhere from a street corner busking – to the stages of some Australia’s leading music festivals.
Comprising of two of the county’s most brilliant blues musicians, Kiam Adcock (impromptu vocals and harmonica) and Tim Everett (slide guitar, stomp box and fuel can) joined forces back in January 2007. Tim, who was travelling around Australia, stopped into Port Macquarie were Kiam was busking with his harmonica. Tim threw Kiam $20, told him he played a bit of blues guitar and asked if wanted to jump in for the ride… and so, MOJO BLUESMEN was born.
Since forming, MB have clocked up over 1500 busking gigs and sold in excess of 10,000 CD’s. Drawing influence from ‘old school blues’ artists such as Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry, Robert Johnson – along with more contemporary acts such as Ash Grunwald, Dallas Frasca, The Fumes, Marshall and Chase the Sun, MB say they find inspiration for their music in “anything with some fucking feeling !”.
Although MB have primarily been a busking act, they have also had the honour of sharing the bill with music icons such as Bob Dylan, BB King, ZZ Top, CW Stoneking, Jeff Lang, Tony Joe White, Xavier Rudd to name a few. They have secured a place at Byron Bay’s East Coast Blues and Roots Festival for 2 years running and also appeared at the Festival of the Sun, Port Macquarie.
The duo have gigged for rival outlaw bikie gangs, remote mining camps and even were resident band at a strip club. In late 2011 Mojo Bluesmen set off on a busking extravaganza of the USA. Covering 12 states in 2 months of non-stop Blues, they made their way from San Francisco to Santiago stopping in a New Orleans and Nashville. Now back on home soil, Mojo Bluesmen continue to expand on their musical experience as they continue on their musical journey.
“Mojo Bluesmen” – triple J Unearthed Playlist.
“The Mojo Bluesmen”
‘Giving ‘Em Back Their Mojo !!’
By Comet Egan.
I’m on a mission to raise enough money to help friends of mine, The Mojo Bluesmen (Tim Everrett & Kiam Adcock).  Tim had a near fatal car accident last year and one of the band members has cerebral palsy (Kiam).  Due to the accident, The Mojo Bluesmen are struggling to get to get back on the road.
I am appealing to businesses’ to donate money for a Band Van to get them back on the road. Kiam need’s the road to keep him functioning. Living his dream of playing gig’s and being a part of society, instead of being treated as someone with a disability. If you met Kiam you would know that the music he plays is amazing. The words he sings are awesome and until he has to get up and walk around, you wouldn’t think Kiam was any different to anyone else.
(He got arrested in the U.S as the cops thought he was drunk ?? He wasn’t drunk, he was being himself, with Cerebral Palsy).

Everything From This Day Foward Is A Bonus !!

After The Band Van Crash.

The guys are rather well known on the circuit, they have just finished recording music to the upcoming “Houso’s”. The money they get from this helps with Kiams medical needs and Tim (guitarist and Kiam’s support) since the accident helps pay all his medical and bills received since the accident. (They were non existent for 4 months while Tim went through some serious recovery, operations and pain).
The Band Van I am wanting to get them is going to cost between $5500 and $8000, I know it doesnt sound much but it is to them. The idea is, anyone who donates money from their business or a personal dontation that helps get the guys back on the road will have their business name or personal name airbrushed on the van as a sponsor so its like free advertising and a BIG thankyou at the same time.
Tim has also offered your business or personal name as a credit on their upcoming new CD as an additional thankyou to your donation. The guys travel from the QLD to the NSW/VIC/SA border regularly and live between the north and mid coast of NSW. We would appreciate it if you all would consider helping us out with this cause, it would be more than appreciated and a cause that is worth being a part of.
Please think about what you can do for this band, check out their website and think every $1 does count to giving someone with a disability to enjoy life, while in return we get to enjoy their music.
Please check out their Facebook page and if you want to see more, please check out their website:
If you’d like to listen to a few of their tunes (Kiam singing and playing his beloved harmonica) head to this website, you’ll love it !
If you would like details on how to donate or be a sponsor, please inbox Myself at and I will pass on information.

Westpac Account Name: Renae Egan
BSB# 735303 …

ACC# 767919
Deposit reference is MOJO.
And if you could keep a copy of your deposit receipt for your personal reference, that would be great. Also, we are mailing special little thankyou’s to people so if you would like to be included in this could you please email me your postal address. its.nae@gmail Your address will be kept private.
Thanks again,
And please everyone…..anything would help.
Comet 🙂


Mojo Bluesmen.

We do like a little challenge ! So we’re gunna do battle with some of the best Blues acts in Q’ld for the prize of a paid trip to Memphis USA to compete for world dominance in the International Blues Challenge.
We are good friends and big fans of alot of these acts but war is war and if we gotta kneecap or cut fingers off a couple of these guys in the carpark before the gig its nothing personal just showbiz 🙂
1 thing is sure- its gunna be a great day of entertainment so get your tix and support aussie blues, see ya there !!