Jay Scott Berry – Flying into 2012 with New Single After Record Breaking Year !

Flying into 2012 with New Single After Record Breaking Year!

Los Angeles, CA — Singing sensation Jay Scott Berry rolls into 2012 with a new single and the momentum of a bullet train. With two hit songs currently riding high on major charts, three IMN award nominations and a full year of concerts, TV shows and singles ahead, there is no question that Berry has arrived.

Early last year, this talented artist burst upon the international music scene with his self-produced album, Keepsake and the first single, “Please Come to Boston”. Within a few months, the song had gone to #1 on three charts and Berry was gaining recognition. After a world tour which began in Australia and included concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, England, Ireland, Scotland and the US, it became clear that Berry was a force to be reckoned with in the industry. As 2011 drew to a close, Berry had another #1 hit single with his fresh rendition of “Solitary Man” and a third hit with his vocal performance of “Hallelujah”.

In many ways, the charts alone bear witness to this talented newcomer’s meteoric rise. Berry’s three hit singles amassed over 50,000 spins on US commercial radio in 2011. The December 29 issue of New Music Weekly Magazine show both “Solitary Man” and “Hallelujah” holding prominent positions on the Top 40 Main Chart, The Hot 100, the AC40 Main, the Indie Top 40 and the Indie AC40. The same is true on the FMQB charts, where both songs continue their strong upward momentum.

Berry rapidly emerged as one of 2011’s most popular voices on The Independent Music Network. He maintained a solid presence on the IMN Mainstream Top 30 charts for the entire year, spending most of that time in the Top 10 and often at #1. This chart action earned him three of the coveted IMN Award nominations for Best New Artist and Favorite International Mainstream Artist while “Please Come to Boston” was nominated for Favorite Single in the Mainstream Category.

The accolades from industry and fans continue to roll in as Berry adeptly charts his course for 2012. Like a master magician, with each successive single he pulls another rabbit from his hat.

As an artist, Berry displays a blend of talent, passion and sheer determination. In the highly competitive, rapidly changing world of modern music, he has somehow managed to carve a niche for himself. And against all odds, like a modern David, he battles on, “not against,” he insists, “but alongside” the Goliaths of the major labels. “I believe that there is always room for excellence in any field, especially the Arts.”

Excellence is something that Berry has pursued his entire career, as a singer, composer and showman. Here is a man who practically grew up on stage, dancing and singing at the age of three, acting by five and playing in a string orchestra at eight. In his early teens, he was singing in musicals and dancing in The Nutcracker at Reno’s Pioneer Theater Auditorium. As a professional entertainer, he has performed all over the world and, as a noted composer, even wrote and performed an original score for ballet at the Vienna Opera House.

But even now, with all this success and acclaim, Berry remains an enigma,  surprisingly down to earth. Chopping wood at home, you would barely recognize  him as the same man who recently played to SRO crowds at the 800th Venice  Carnival or at the Earls Court Festival in London. Ask him about all this  current success and he just laughs and says, “I’m just the fool who rushes in  where angels fear to tread.”

With at least four more singles still to come off Berry’s acclaimed album  Keepsake, all this momentum is set to continue well into 2012.


Jay Scott Berry

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                    Name                     Artist                     Time                     Price

Turn the PageJay Scott Berry4:11$0.99View In iTunes


Please Come to BostonJay Scott Berry3:58$0.99View In iTunes3

Solitary ManJay Scott Berry2:37$0.99View In iTunes4

I Loved Her FirstJay Scott Berry3:48$0.99View In iTunes5

Pussywillows, CattailsJay Scott Berry3:15$0.99View In iTunes6

Brown Eyed GirlJay Scott Berry3:32$0.99View In iTunes7

Play MeJay Scott Berry3:37$0.99View In iTunes8

Runaround SueJay Scott Berry2:37$0.99View In iTunes9

Wonderful TonightJay Scott Berry3:12$0.99View In iTunes10

A Love SongJay Scott Berry3:37$0.99View In iTunes11

HallelujahJay Scott Berry4:31$0.99View In iTunes

The Man Behind the Music

A Journey of Song, from Reno, NV to the Vienna Opera House

This talented entertainer has burst onto the international music  scene with his debut vocal album, Keepsake. However, like many “overnight  success stories” this one is many years in the making. The story begins in Reno,  Nevada, where, at the age of 3, Jay was put into tap dance class. “I still  remember the thrill of our first recital”, he reminisces “we were all singing  and dancing and the audience was smiling and applauding. It was amazing! All I  know is that, somehow, it felt right”. Right, indeed! Young Berry was a natural,  performing in every school play and musical that came along.

Jay was given a magic kit at age 5, performed in his first  professional stage play at 7 and joined a school string orchestra at 8.  Recognizing a unique set of talents, his music teacher then arranged a  successful audition for the exclusive Sierra Boys’ Choir. By his early teens, he  was playing guitar and drums, acting, performing magic and singing in musicals.

All of this laid an essential foundation for a career in show  business. Straight from high school, the limelight beckoned and he moved to  Hollywood. Within 3 years, he was performing in Europe and living in Paris where  his heartfelt style took hold and blossomed. Many thousands of shows later,  Berry is an acclaimed producer and entertainer whose career has spanned the  globe, having performed on many of the world’s top stages, from Las Vegas to  Monte Carlo.

In the 90’s, Berry produced 3 acclaimed instrumental albums.  Soon, he was in Vienna, composing music for ballet at the Vienna Opera House.  One of his songs was used as a theme song for an Italian TV show. His timeless  melodies have been heard around the world and continue to be used as film, video  and theatrical soundtracks.

Now, with the release of Keepsake, the circle comes complete and  Jay is back where he began, guitar in hand and singing from the heart. A master  showman, he returns to his roots, with the raw passion of a teenager coupled  with 30 years of real-world experience. “Growing up, I was strongly influenced  by John Denver, Neil Diamond and Gordon Lightfoot.”, he says, “This essential,  vocal- based, music has always stayed in my heart.”

As Jay’s music climbs the charts, he has just wrapped up a world tour which began in Rome in early March. He continued across Italy into Switzerland, San Marino and Croatia even performing at the 800th Venice Carnival! The European leg culminated in London with “The Full Moon Concert – A Romantic Evening Under the Stars”.

Berry has always taken the attitude of a pioneer in whatever field he focuses  on. It is this “can do” attitude that defines who he really is. In a recent  interview, he was asked about his personal secret to success. He replied, with  characteristic flair, “The  secret to success? We’d all love to be able to predict the future. The best way  to predict the future is to create it yourself. I think that the secret to  success is having the sheer audacity to imagine a goal and the stubborn  determination to stick with it, in the face of all obstacles. Don’t wait around  for someone to discover you. Be bold. Go out, grab the world by the horns and  hang on. Have the courage to dream big. There is no such thing as false hope.  One of the greatest things you will experience in life is the sense of true  accomplishment; but you won’t get it unless you actually accomplish something.  It won’t be easy, nothing worth achieving ever is. Nobody gets a free ride. With  that in mind, let any adversity you face simply fuel your enthusiasm and  determination. Don’t waste any time viewing others as competitors. You are your  only competition. Don’t follow anyone. True Art is only achieved through unique  individuality. You only fail if you give up…so don’t.”


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