Does The Mason Rack Band Ever Slow Down ?

Tony Cini’s Rythm Boat Harbour Cruise – 22/06/2012

On the first night of “Blues On Broadbeach (Qld) “The Mason Rack Band” played a  highly succesful Gig. Approximately an Hour and a half later they were on a Plane to Play at a Music Festival in Germany.

A few week’s after later they came to Sydney. Mason rarely does a gig in the Southern States being a Goldcoast boy. The Band played a 4 hour Harbour Cruise to help  promote the release of ‘Tony Cini’s’ “Blues Explosion’ – Volume 3. They were … as always, fantastic !!! Mason and the Band feature on “The Blues Explosion” CD.

The next night they played at “The Vanguard” in Newtown for the first Official “Blues Explosion” CD Launch gig ! The next day they were playing another Official CD launch at Towradgi Hotel. These guy’s are incredible ! The energy they put into their perfomance and then running off to another gig, it makes you think … “Does Mason Rack ever slow down ?” It’s hard to say…. but I’m sure his Fan’s don’t mind.

Tom McLeod

3rd July 2012.

Mason Rack

Packing for quick tour in Canada — Shorts, Singlets , Jeans, Guitar’s,  CD’s … Aussie Flag towel …. Oh Yeah !!!  (3rd July 2012.)

Upon his return ….

Mason Rack

This will be an epic night….
The 14th of September 2012.


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